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How are your Steemit posts payouts lately and your feed? Do you feel a decrease in posting and curating activities?

I think there might be a slight decline.  Most of the people that I actively follow though are pretty committed to the platform and they have continued to post and support my posts despite the downturn in the market.  

I have noticed that if it were not for the auto upvotes that I get from some services that I support like Esteem and Steem-UA I probably would be lucky to top $.50 on a lot of my posts.  I think it might just have to do with the way things are right now.

I really like using the favorites feature of Steem Plus.  It gives me a list of users that I can always see when they have posted something new.  That way I know to go read it and comment on it.

It keeps me honest and allows me to not fall into the habit of auto curation.  I do a little bit of that, but not as much as some people. 

My feed has been about the same though I have tried to weed out some of the stuff that was filling it up uselessly.

Right now is a really good time to make note of who is active and who is not and maybe start to clean up your followers list a little bit.  I wouldn't get rid of anyone that you hope is going to come back and give you a decent upvote, but you are probably going to find a lot of people that have abandoned the platform and haven't posted in a month or more.

I am just trying to continue doing what I need to do to be successful on the platform and help others be successful here.  


Well as a matter of fact as for my Steem Blockchain  posts it is going the way it was going when steem was at good position. I am continuing to do so even at this downfall (I bet users who believe in this platform are doing the same)

As for the payouts it as we are currently getting in almost all Steem it is going a nice way to collect as much as possible and thinking of long term as a matter of fact so it is acting as an opportunity to me to gather as much Steem as possible. While compared to USD value it has decreased exponentially while in Steem value it has increased in significant value.  

While the users who are actually posting and curating posts in the present times are actually the true believers of Steem and in long term as well. So as of user activities there are indeed plenty of people who are doing their regular stuffs and so am I as well. 

So over all I should say it is going well and good.


Yes, I do, but not just lately.

No matter what I try, what I have tried, what what I do/what I have done, what I post, what I write about, almost no one (only a few people) cares about my posts on Steemit. I rarely receive real, human comments, most of the upvotes I receive on Steemit are only worth a few cents. I currently (nowadays) have 921 followers, but most of them are inactive nowadays. Most of them left Steemit long (months) ago. I think that this says a lot about Steemit. Due to the lack of real interaction, I also became less and less active on Steemit lately. 

But I spend much more time on Musing lately. But this is another story.


After this big fall in value of steem which reaches the 30cents, yes I found that some users stopped or reduced their publications. Which shows that the price of Steem is a very motivating factor for each of us, especially for minnows. I am really sad and disappointed because the posts rewards have not the same return as before even it decreased to 1/3 of value.

In spite of that, I have also noticed an increase in vote sales, instead of leaving their voting power intact, you can sell their votes more profitably. This operation aggravates the rewards for those who are still posting.

With such a low Steem price, I hope everyone will continue to post to win more Steem than before. So if it's okay just keep posting and hold the Steem until the market picks up.


Lately, and with the recent drop in the price of Steem, my post payouts have been really lagging unlike before. I am not getting so much rewards on my posts compared to how it was before. A lot of people have either reduced posting or stopped altogether. Curating activities are continuously declining. I just wish Steem gets back up. Thanks to Musing which has been my back bone ever since.


Honestly, i just focus on this dApps :

  • Steemhunt
  • Steempress
  • Musing.io
  • Share2steem
  • and Dlike.io (currently still experiencing interference)

From the 5 dApps above, I can still generate around $ TU 300 per month.


We see rewards and curations decreasing due to the price of STEEM which continues to plummet. In fact, currently STEEM is heading to its ICO price ($ 0.2). Therefore, the value of the holding and the value of the upside are also decreasing.