Do you see Steem as a top 30 cryptocurrency in 2019? What does it need to make investors pour money into it and help it climb from the 50+ rank?

I do see it going to the top 50 and maybe higher in 2019.  The main thing that Steem has going for it is the fact that any common, non-techie type of person can use it, understand it and earn from it.

When I first got into crypto (and even now to be honest) it took me a good amount of time to get even a rough understanding of blockchain and why it has value.  There are likely more people like me than not in that respect.  So, the simplicity of Steems use is why I think it will gain in value and reach the top 50 in 2019.  As we all know, the simplest things to understand usually gain the most acceptance.

The main thing that Steem needs (aside from investment) is advertising.  Not necessarily and advertising presence on the chain itself but more from the users.  Really, I think even something as simple as a referral program could be a big start.

One thing Steemit needs less of is the plethora of troll accounts that downvote content for their own selfish reasons.  The bots that hide plagiarism, spamming and fraud are great.  The ones that are not great are those that downvote a users post because that user upvoted some content that the bot owner didn't like.  Just recently I came across a post from one of these trolling types.  It was a well funded account and the post basically said, in a nut shell, "I don't like this guys views on various things so I am going to downvote everything he does and everyone's content who upvotes him.  

If I was brand new, that downvote would be the last time I visited the site.

So, advertising and a little bit of community responsibility could kick things up a notch.


Considering that Steem once made it to the Top 25 cryptocurrency a year ago, then it is not at all impossible to see Steem back again in the near future or even this 2019.

It is also worth to note that the over~hyped SMT is planned to be released next year, so if everything goes as planned then it will likely improve Steem's market value. 

What made me really believe on Steem is that unlike other cryptocurrencies, Steem already has a viable and working product/s. Almost every month, a new platform or dapp is being built on top of it with most of these dapps ended up being successful in having an increasing genuine userbase.

What I think Steem needs for months now to entice many investors to pour money into it is a strong marketing strategy. Steem might not be ready for mass adoption yet but the products (platform/dapps) are more than ready to prove to potential investors that it is worth investing on them.


@Acesontop, First of all the base should be strong and by that i mean, more users, if we have more users then for sure the activity will increase and if activity increases then for sure more participation develops both by the Individuals, Projects and Applications. And applications are one aspect which can loudly promote the Steem Economy. In my opinion slowly we are moving towards it. Let's hope for the best. Stay blessed. 🙂