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Have you noticed that during weekends there is less activity on Steemit and other Steem apps like musing for example than it is during the week? Why do you think this happens?

Steemit takes a lot of time and most users will most likely steal time at work and during the spare hours in the evening during the week.

Families and friends are less understanding when it comes to weekends and we are forced to do other things which takes the spare time away.

Friday nights are like a morgue on Steemit as there is the normal hard core crew around and no one else. When you think of the numbers who are currently here this is not surprising at all. 

If we have 16 000 users who are active and half are not active ta weekends it will have a massive impact and we will see it in our blog feeds. We need more users and that will come within the next year or so.

We are all meant to take  a break from Steemit apparently but I increase my workload at weekends as it is a good chance to pick up new followers.


Well, many people are having time with their family and friends--that's the explanation I get whenever I ask this question.


This is because everyone love weekend as a weekend to relax, enjoy and feel rejuvenated before they can start it again on week days and it is essential also. If you do something in a continuous streak then it will make you less productive and you may run out of gas and that is where you need a break.

Again that break should be for relaxing and rejuvenating so that you can recharge yourself. In general we spent a lot of energy both physical energy and mental energy and here in this case, it is about mental energy.

Serious content creator put a lot of effort in steemit and they really need a break, that is why we see less activity here in steemit in weekend. This is true for DApps also.

Thank you and Have a great day


I havent really noticed - it seems to be quite an awful lot in the last few weeks. I think it will continue that way til atleast the end of the year with the way the price is headed.

I am usually MOST active over the weekends as that is when I have the spare time. I imagine that it would be the same way for some, but the opposite for others, so maybe it evens itself out