Do you think women life is hard than man.?? if yes .Why..??? ?

This is a pretty difficult question to answer but I think it depends on how you look at things. One might say that women have it harder in life than men do because of the fact that men are taken alot more seriously than women are and hardwork on a man's part is always more appreciated than hardwork on a woman's part.

The truth is that if a woman wants to succeed then she's going to have to work alot harder than a man will especially if she hopes to hold a position which is and has always been held by a man. The very fact that the concept of feminism exists is an attestation to this fact.

The thing is that, this only applies to women who aren't ok with the stereotypical role of being a housewife and mother and want to be something more, and there are a fair amount of women who are ok with being just that. Infact there are probably more women who are ok with that kind of life than women who aren't.

Now if we look at things from the standpoint of what is expected of a man and a woman in life then I think men have it so much harder. Think about it this way, only one sex has the globally accepted and societally condoned privilege of staying at home and not working the other sex can't even hope for an opportunity like that.

Women actually have the option of remaining dependent, yes to some it's not ideal, but that option exists for them. I don't believe there's anywhere in the planet where its culturally and socially acceptable for a man to be a stay at home dad. Granted it happens but it's an absurdity and most men that do it are looked down upon by society.

As a man you're expected to be strong and find a way to take care of a family, society expects you to be almost unemotional, to throw away your tears and to be strong no matter what happens. You're expected to be the one to take a bullet for your family, or remain on a sinking ship while women and children get to safety, all because you're a"MAN".

Both sexes have life hard and that's the truth, but only one sex has a choice in how hard life treats them and that's women so as for me, I feel like men have it alot harder than women.

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WE can see for women many family have problem.We can see many  poor countries  in rural area they dont  give proper respect women. Some people always want boy baby for earn.They think girl cant earn .Girl born just   just waste for money .Also we can see also in many people past story some stupid mentality people kill girl  after birth when they know in their family one girl baby born thats really cruel.Some family born girl baby but they always compare with boys .If they have boy they always give good food  their boy not girl baby .So i can say womens life hard than man .Because they need to always fight for their right,


Women need to always do hard fight with their health also.They need born baby also .Its no so easy for anyone.Also One women need to complete all their responsibility  they need to take care their families all people .When they awake from bad their work start from early morning and end on at night .If i will tell one boy they will never cant .One women do lot of work .But one men just complete their office work .At the end when they  dont have time for take care their health they  their health also will sick .Although sick some times they need to complete responsibilities .Its not easy i will say its difficult.So wecan say womens life really so difficult from one man life .

  • In job place

I am just going to tell now about job .In job place also women need to suffer lot.In some office also have problem they dont  take lady for their   work. one women allow for job with so many fight then they got reject from some job.But we can say women also can work same like men .Also in many job place some give big work just men not women .Its not so good  for one womens  life .Thats why i will tell women life so hard than  man .Also in many circumstance i will say man also suffer l lot .But as my view womens life hard then man .Because one  man always get support from family .But for women its not so  easy .

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 In my point of view, both life's are hard, because everyone's life has difficulties and troubles as he passes the time of life. So sometimes women's life are hard then man and sometimes a men's life is hard than women. So it's difficult to say on the behalf of women and men.

Every person life has passed through difficult times and that time men should need to extra strong to manage the problems of life. So the strong person can handle that situation when they feel weak. Basically, If we want to see a men's life hard then women because they do daily work still 8 hours with honestly. They do hard work for family and their wife to stay happy in life.

So lastly I want to say a man's life is hard then women. We should really respect every man in their life and always be thankful for her kindness. We need to understand their problems and hardness in life, So We should give respect early. ❤ 


I do think women's lives are harder than men's. The first thing I think about (I'm not going to go into other aspects such as cultural or moral) from this question is the premenstrual syndrome that most of us suffer after the first menstruation between the ages of 10 and 12 and all the changes that have to happen in puberty. Then, pregnancy, for many the nine months of gestation are not easy, there are those who have hormonal problems or present different pathologies such as gestational diabetes.  Childbirth is another unpleasant and sometimes painful situation and, due to complications, a woman must undergo a cesarean section, which is a risky operation. In most cases, the first feeding of the newborn is the exclusive responsibility of the woman. And so I could list episodes in the lives of women that make life harder and more complicated. 

Women go through all of the above with a lot of strength and love. Men, on the other hand, go through life with everything easier, they don't have to go through any discomfort when they develop and they don't have to transform themselves to procreate children. Most of them can't stand half of what we went through to bring life into the world.

Men with a simple flu are dying, women, even if we are sick we have to continue with the responsibilities of raising children, taking care of a husband, taking care of the house and taking care of a job on the street. 

And after all this they call us weak? Life is not easy for us!


Honestly, I believe that men have it harder in life than women do. Don't get me wrong, women have a tough time of things but men have it harder. Now I'm not talking about the wayward men or women. I'm talking about the men and women who have decided to be responsible in their lives and affairs and I'll tell you why.

Women believe that life is hard for them. Some wish they were men because as far as they're concerned, men are living la vida loca. The truth is, as a responsible man, there is a lot of weight on your shoulders than women know about. Men are naturally programmed to suffer in silence so while a man may laugh in front of you, he cries in secret(if he even let's himself cry at all) So to women, we seem like life is a piece of cake. Take a married man for instance. He is supposed to provide funds that his wife is supposed to use to run the home. As we all know, making money isn't exactly the easiest thing to do nowadays but it's his job so he does it without complaint, without a sound. It may seem an easy job but it's not. If said man should lose that job, he still has to find a way to provide. He can't complain, he has no right to say it's not fair because its his duty as father and husband. So all he does is bear the brunt of that weight alone and share a little of it with his wife. But that's for married men. Let's look at younger men,

The average bachelor is expected to be working and independent by twenty five. The average woman is expected to be married at twenty five. Women generally receive more care and sympathy than men. For example, my brother and sister recently went for their youth service. Lots of uncles sent my sister lots of cash but no one sent anything to my brother. Its not because he isn't loved. Its because he's a man. He is expected to provide for himself whereas my sister is expected to be provided for. That's a small representation of how life actually is.

Lastly, women complain about how they get pregnant and have to carry a baby for nine months and how delivery is so painful that men can't bear it. I'm not a woman so I don't think I can ever truly understand it but here's what I think. Women are fragile. What might be a slight pain for a man will be horrible for a woman. So I think that means that if they were to take the exact amount of pain women feel during labor and inflict it on a man, it would hurt but because men are generally more resistant to pain, it wouldn't hurt as much as it would hurt a woman. Maybe i'm wrong but I don't think so. So considering these things, I think I can safely say men have a harder time in life than women.

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Both of them have tough times in their life but one thing is sure that no one's life is harder than others. It is a mental perspective that we have made. We compare our life and that is not a good thing as it isn't going to add any meaning to your existence.

Even if you see it on logical level, both the parties have hard times in their life cycle. I am not going to give any straight-forward answer to this question. The answer to this question cannot be framed to a single word answer.

In man's life...

Being a father is one of the toughest responsibility in any male's life. You have to secure them, feed your family.  As a son/daughter you have to lead the family in the future so you tend to learn a lot and try yourself in every situation. You sometime hide your pain so that you look strong as these gives your family a positive vibe.

In woman's life...

Being a mother is the hardest job on the earth or universe.  You have to protect your child and nurture them so that they can be a part of this society. In some part of the world, few countries have imposed illogical statements, facts and responsibilities on them. Women are rising their voice and being as a male I support them on every front. 

Yes or No will not be going to make any justice to this question. Life cycle has endless things to show you it can be a tough time or a good time but it is the confidence and faith that makes you to survive through any day.


Although it depends on each woman, I think that being a woman is more difficult than being a man, because everything starts from when God told Eve that "I will increase your pains when you have children, and with pain you will give birth to them" that is something that men cannot do even if they want to.

Today the woman would suffer more, since not only would she give birth with pain, but she would also work as a man does (in some cases).

Many women, in addition to dealing with their daily lives, also seek to defend gender equality, which is not easy either. Taking into account as many: maternity, work, biological clock, etc..

In short, although it depends on each woman and her way of thinking, a woman's life would be more difficult. 


There is no definite answer to this question. We have different cultures in the world and in some of those cultures, men have it easy and in some women have it easy.

In some countries, women are treated like trash. They're are like slaves with little or no rights. Young girls are made to marry older men, sometimes old enough to be their father. And they end up with diseases.

These girls are often maltreated and even when they become adults, they aren't treated any better. While the men are treated like gods, even the little boys are taught that they are better than girls. And the cycle continues.

While in some cultures, women are treated very well. The men respect them and take up much responsibilities, so the women can have it easy. The men help out in the home.

While in some cultures, women are treated very well. The men respect them and take up much responsibilities, so the women can have it easy.The men help out in the home.

In Africa, the society believes women should do all the work in the house and the men do nothing. And the women still take 9-5jobs, just like the men. But this mindset is changing and men are now helping out in the home.

In all, i'd say that women and men face different challenges. There are different expectations for both gender and in a bid to satisfy society, hardship comes into play.


I do not believe that difficulties in life has anything to do with the gender of a person,anyone could face hard life irrespective of their gender,life itself could be difficult

sometimes and the ability to overcome those difficulties is what makes us strong,successful and be more determined...

Those I will not deny the fact that there are some challenges that many women face in the society

including gender inequality in some certain areas of the society but that do not mean that the life of a woman is generally harder than the life of a man,every gender have their own challenges which they face in life....


Yes!!!! And do you know why? Because we are all human!