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What other content do you want to share on the blockchain other than your current content niche?
If you are a visual artist as an example, are you considering sharing some dance videos or travel blogs? Or would you prefer keeping your blog posting consistent themes as it is now.

I learn new things every day so if its relevant info that others can use I share it via a Steem post or in Discord to friends. I think we all share content on Steem that we are passionate about so it tends to be within the same genre of information. If you are passionate about the information that you are sharing with others, it shines through in your responses to others so why would you want to change what you are posting about unless you are adding to your list of passions? 

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I mostly like travelling blog but different people have different interest and skill that's why they make different form of content. Some people have writing skill some people have picture editing video making tutorial etc. even one form have multi category. If you have writing skill then you can write article you can give answer of question you can write a product review.  lf you have some video making skill you can make video on tutorial about something. You can make funny video drama skits etc. Now trending video content is Vlogging.

I mostly like to share my knowledge my experiences with my video content. I make tutorial Vlog video entertainment video etc. But in future I want to make travelling Vlog and go outside the city this is the first phase which I always consider about it. Second 2nd Phase is go outside the country and explore their cultures what are their lifestyle what they eat what they like more . How people live how they spend their life etc.

I love Technology if I leave my current Niche. Then i Start making video Vlog.I Want to make videos and other form of content on technology. I want to see new enhancement and what kind of changes comes in Technology. I love to share this knowledge with my followers with my community members.

# There are some  Niche which I want to choose in future

  • Travelling blog
  • Health
  • How do
  • Art

These are the Niche on which I want to make content in future these niche have broad category. As you know travelling Vlog is on trend. I also love to make  travelling blog. If i have enough resources to make this Vlog. health is my first priority i always learn about how to improve my health what are the exercises we need what kind of application and Technology related with our health. How to make different things how to make videos how to write article how to maintain our health it is broad category which relate with too many topics. The last category which I want to create content on it that is art category. I mostly like making picture and painting as well. We decorate different events on wedding and other function. we have new unique ideas how to make our event more beautiful.

# Conclusion

People have different skill and interest that's why they make different form of content on steemit blockchain. It's related with their experience ,skills and resources which are available for them. It's also attached with how much resources how much time and what kind of all tech you have. Suddenly changed our Niche is a big decision because people have different kind of follower. If we change our Niche then we lost a lot followers. But sometimes change is necessary and upgradation of our content. It doesn't mean we change our Niche maybe we improve upgrade and enhance my work about my Niche content. 

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This honestly is a good question and could be even rephrased as Would you sacrifice your current niche and try out other niche just to make your page active.

I had a discussion with @adelair months ago similar to this as I was encouraging her to publish at least one post a day. I encouraged her to try out other platforms so she won't be stressed that much in trying to deliver an artwork daily as other platforms will be a good filler in times where she is busy irl and can't draw.

Seeing as she really values quality above all (and a little perfectionist too xD), she rejected that idea and decided to just stay with her niche, to make her blog all about her artworks.

I for one really applauded her decision. For people who really are serious on what they want to be distinguinshed on this platform, it is very important to stay on your niches. In her case: being an artist. 

If one looks at her blogs, they can easily see what an amazing artist she is because she is focusing on arts. Noe compare that to someone who has so many different niches, chances are you won't even scroll down enough to see that person's previous blog posts as it's too random.

As for me though, aside from Gaming and Anime, I want to share CTF (Capture-the-Flag) tutorials or even some fun puzzles and brain teasers. XD


yeah, of course adding a new niche to your current niche will help make your look blog much more lively to see and it will also help in the gathering of upvote due to the fact that people love experiencing new things. just doing one same thing all over again wont draw you new fans or spectators. 

i am currently using up to five niche currently, the niches are @life , @health , @cleanplanet , @nature @ finance. all those niches makes me look more diversified but it can still be improved. That is why i want to do more niches like like photography, travelling, stories, meme and crypto-currency. 

all this niche will generate more viewers to my blogs and this will also help me earn more .. every one loves pictures, so by travelling, i will see so many different new sights that could be posted, so many new un-captured  sites will help entice and draw more new viewers . Also by all doing this travelling and taking pictures, you tend to be enjoying yourself more and experiencing more new culture and also increasing your scope and knowledge about life . travelling brings joys and excitement into anyone's life , so by sharing this beautiful moments with your followers, they tend to be more interested in your life and your blog, which will be a bonus to your page and your earning. 

the other niche i am also interested in trying out is the crypto-currency niche simply because the world is standing up to notice crypto-currency more now and crypto is going global and far and becoming more accepted all over the world. now, people are more interested to hear any updates concerning crypto. this is to keep them abreast with latest happenings that involves crypto. Everyone is investing in crpto-currencies more and more this moment even despite the fall in value currently. and crypto-currency  niche is also one of the top niche on steemit. it will help improve my earnings and also increasing my followers base and reward system. which is good for me. but having more knowledge on crypto-currency requires more reading and having first hand access to un-publicized information around crypto and this will be one of the major selling point of driving people to my blog, because they will gain first hand information about crypto on my blog.

stories and memes are ways to lure followers to your page and it will also keep them looking forward to your next post. memes will make followers laugh and also give them joy and will push them into up-voting you more with more power which will increase your reward

thanks for reading..