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What's the first thing you consider before buying any product?
Is it the brand? price? functionality? or just following the trend? The question applies to any product, be it fashion, cars, software, and etc.

The price. I live in Venezuela, and even if it's a bad or good quality product, if I need it, the first thing I do is check the price. In Venezuela we can't afford to check brands or if it's new or old generation, the important thing right now is the price.

Twenty years ago, before this government arrived, the stores and supermarkets were full of top quality products, the latest in the market, what was in fashion. Any Venezuelan could make the effort and buy what he needed or wanted. Right now it is almost impossible for us to buy a house, a car, cell phones, shoes, clothes.  Basically what we buy is food and we just check the prices. That's why the modality of selling food for rations has been implemented in the country, because if you don't have money to buy a complete package of something, sugar, rice, coffee, you can buy it in small bags for less money. The same goes for the quality of the products: if there is a 100% whole grain rice on the market for a lot of money and there is another 50% cheaper broken grains, we buy the one with the lowest quality for the price. Here, for example, the modality has been implemented that the same product is used for many things; hence a shampoo is used to wash hair, as soap for the body and even to wash clothes. In this way people save.

In Venezuela we don't make so much money to be aware of anything other than saving. Although we need a product, if it is expensive, we don't buy it, we only buy what we need and if it is cheap.



Before buying any kind of product, I will think twice as to whether that product is really needed or not. If the answer is no, then I won't go for the purchase. If I find the product to be something I really need to fulfill my short term/long term dream, I will go to the next step.

In this step, I will mainly consider two factors as a lot of us do. Firstly I will check its quality and secondly will consider the money factor. If I don't see the 'quality worth money', I will simply move on!

In short 'Value for money' is my answer. I don't think others would disagree with me unless they are very rich!


Quality, always quality. I'm really talented of spotting out the best quality which means of course the highest price. That doesn't mean I'm buying the most expensive product.

For me quality is very important, so I look first for quality, then I try to find the best quality at a reasonable price. There's always a way, there's always something you can find if you're smart and paying attention to the details. If you're not a brand addict, you can find good quality at a good price. 

When it comes to electronics, I look for brands because that means quality. I don't compromise there. I can buy a pair non name shoes or a pair of jeans but never non name electronics.  That's a rule of mine that is working. I'm always saying that id you buy a cheaper no name electronic product, you're not saving the difference, you're throwing out of the window the price you're paying. 


The perfect word for my answer to your question is 'Value for Money". 

If the product cover my need, effectiveness, durable, attractive or what ever I need it to be, I first thought about whether it is meeting all of them or at least some of them. If yes I buy it, if not I left it.

Sometime some product comes very attractive but may not meet what I want. It makes me feels down if I could not buy it. But that's a short feeling. I get rid from it.

So for me it's value for money.


I normally do my homework and will know where I need to be cost wise. I don't cut corners when it comes to quality so will rather pay a little premium if it is correct.

In the past i have gone with cheaper options like washing machines and tumble driers but I end up replacing them too quickly. The parts and servicing are no cheaper than the expensive brands so what is the point.I only buy quality now and this normally saves me a fortune in the long run.

Brand names really count for nothing except they have normally been around for longer. When it comes to back up service they are normally more organised and professional. It is not always the case but mostly this is true.


The first thing I consider is of course the review and price. I do like buying many products such as cosmetics and many more. At first I usually, check the review from other buyers so I search online and look for comments and suggestions . When I think that it is good, I also check the price if it is affordable and reasonable. I don't buy very expensive products but the important thing is quality and affordability . :)


Quite straightforward. First I consider if I really need that product and then I try to get some information about it and about its quality. Is it any good? Is it useful and effective for me?


The first thing I consider before buying any product is its QUALITY. Others would disagree with me because for them, the question if it is needed or not should come first. My answer to them is, when we think of buying it, it means that we need them. The mere fact that we looked at it in a shop means that we need it.

Others would also say that it should be the price. Is it affordable? Well for me, I'd rather buy something expensive but can be used for a long time than to buy a very cheap counterpart that can be used only for a short time. 

After checking for its quality, I check for the price. Am I getting more or less than what I pay for?

Everyone of us has his requirements when buying something. The most important thing is, we are the ones to decide so that whatever the impact of our decision, we can only blame ourselves.

I've answered for my part. What's yours?


I will check for reviews, feedbacks and testimonials from actual users, not reviewers who are usually get paid to review to check the product before purchase. Also, I always have some rational rounds in my minds about whether if I really need that product or just a temporary feeling.