What is the content you provide on the blockchain?
Niche topics? Service? Information Products?

I like the content which may have some value to the community. There are thousands of content that uploaded on steem blockchain. Most of them are valuable/ useful/ informative/ entertaining and much more. People also used to share experience and photography, cooking, there thought and what not ; which is also wonderful. And there are dtubers, steem hunters, steemmonsters and many more who are also enriching the community. 


But I prefer to write content on people's spiritual growth, brain health, motivational words, mental health, technique to stay positive and happiness. These are my initial contents. I like to study people's behaviour and write on them in my blog. But I also love to share some travel photography, food photography or some random thought which I believe could be useful to others. I believe people could search for any information they needed but they could not search for what will peace their soul. It's peoples choice on which they prefer to work on and which will give them success and happiness. 

To me I am not the one who are running for success, rather I could run a thousand mile for happiness. But I do respect everyone's believe and work around me. And I believe all of them are trying to add some value in the steem community as well as their life.

We all have different priority and goal in our work and life. But I believe most importantly we are all under a community. And that feels great. 

**Stay blessed. Keep steeming.**  



I want to share my knowledge with others that’s why i make contain in multi category which is easy and suitable for new and as well old users. I mostly Share my knowledge with question and answers and make travelling vlog and Product reviews.

When I join steemit I mostly like to make tutorial on how to work on steemit and these tutorial are about steemit education and awareness about steemit. I mostly used steemit for  share my knowledge and experience with others.  I heard about the DApps. Which have multi Interface for steemit community and different form of content. Steemit provide one platform to all the DApps. When you create post through DApps it's automatically posted on steemit. DApps have multi category to provide content on steemit. 

People have different interest and they also have different skill to make content on steemit. because of this steemit have different DApp which is very supportive for new and excisting users they make different form of content and earn something more . One common factor which is common DApps that is if you made quality content that is must appreciated by others and also by the DApps owners account.

There are some DApp which give you plate form to your content.

  • @dtube( used for video content)
  • @musing( used for question answer)
  • @Steepshot( For picture content)
  • @busy.org( used for combination of illustration and text content)

I mostly used these DApp for uploading my content on steemit.

  • Steemhunt
  • DTube
  • esteem
  • musing

These are the platform where I always use for making content on steemit blockchain. my first preference is Musing plate form where i share my knowledge and experience through questioning and answering. 2nd Is steemhunt for new technology hunting . My 3rd chaise is video Vlog these Vlogs are sometime educational and sometime travel based.

# Conclusion

I mostly like that a kind of content which provide some education towards me steemit community. I always want to share my knowledge and experiences with steemit community. That's why I like text form and also video form for making content on steemit. Different people have different choices and they make contact on steemit. Sometime it's not beneficial for one person but it doesn't matter it doesn't have value. Maybe that content helpful for other community. Because different community have different interest. My preferences are both video and text based content. 

Image Source : https://pixabay.com


I always prefer to share macro-photography of flowers and I like those things to do on blockchain and with steem blockchain I really enjoy those sort of things the most and it gives me immense satisfaction. 

My primary content is always photography followed by writing some articles on interesting blockchain projects (although I do not write blockchain related articles very frequently).

As far as information products are concerned, I also love that. I tried to hunt some products in steemhunt in past and steemhunt is really a nice app if someone loves hunting new and innovative products.

Musing is another app where I love answering to questions and lately I have developed a lot of interest to spend most of my time in musing platform.

Thank you and Have a great day.

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The kind of content I provide on the blockchain are basically inspirational contents. I like creating inspirational or motivational contents as I know that a lot of people are discouraged around the world. So many people feel unloved and let down. Sending simple messages of goodwill can give hope to one who seems to have lost it completely.