Which source of medical information do you trust first?
Are you going to believe that few minute research you've done on Google regarding your medical condition or trust what your doctor told you personally? As someone that has their career invested on the medical field, it has been a pet peeve of mine to hear patients argue about what they know from the internet and what exactly applies to them in reality. I do read the same medical information laypeople read but there is a lot of gap in knowledge. Example, you can read A1 can be a symptom of Disease A. It ends there. Most just see a few pages and that already qualifies as a solid foundation for their case. But from our perspective, Disease A does not necessarily need A1 to manifest because the presence of B1 and C1 are necessary to establish Disease A is the medical condition. In come complicated cause and effect, treatment, and health education goals we spent studying for several hours to days to justify the type of treatment to prescribed. So is it your research online or what the doctor told you personally?

Unfortunately I have to say that internet. Internet has become the official and immediate doctor of all families. We resort to it when we have any strange symptom in our body or in that of others. I know it's irresponsible, but unfortunately it is. It is so easy to click and see not only the symptoms, but also the consequences and even the medications that we must take or use to solve the problem. Perhaps when we search the Internet, we do so not only for convenience and immediacy, but also because it is no secret that most human beings have a certain apprehension about visiting doctors. Doctor's offices are spaces of agony and waiting, not to mention how expensive they are in some countries. Surely this will bring serious consequences such as self-medication and even worry about a disease that does not exist, just because the internet has told you that you suffer from an incurable disease (have not realized that for google everything ends in cancer?)

The other way is friends and family. When we have some discomfort, usually we have a friend or family member who knows or says how to cure it, we always resort to him not only to diagnose but also to inform us what kind of medicines to use.

There is a lot of irresponsibility with our health, I admit it; but in my favor I will say, that the knowledge or the curiosity moves us, for that reason immediately that we have a problem of health, we resort to the tools that we have closer, in this case to the computer.



Whenever I am not feeling well, I do my research to see what are the possible reasons for the symptoms I have but I will still trust what my doctor will say over what I searched on the internet.

It helps to search on the internet first just so I have an idea of what's happening but ultimately, it's still the doctor's word that I will believe. And if I feel in my heart that I still need to know more or if I'm not contented with what I got from the doctor, I seek for a second opinion - still from a doctor.


The easiest way to kill stress and anxiety is to resort to the Internet for disclosure and counseling. It is life that is so intense and the desire to live in good health that makes the patient in an unbalanced state and pays him for any information related to his illness.

In some cases, research on the net may be important and positive, such as improving the condition of the patient at the beginning, self-protection of the person or his family, and contributing to raising health awareness and speed of decision-making in cases where there is no need for complacency.

The search can be a serious injury to the patient in the case of misrepresentation of his condition during the search on the net, the patient's misunderstanding of the information presented, the presence of a serious medical error on the site, or similar description of the situation with another situation almost increases the illusion and tension of the patient, Is the truth, which is a permanent reference and in the event of any defect of health or psychological, we should not care only to follow directly with him.


I myself trust more information from the medical. Why? because they are experts in their fields. they have studied and conducted research. I never believed in information about what the internet said. because everyone can enter their words on the Internet without doing research.

and more accurate medical information. they say information has seen the cause, and the consequences.


There is no such thing as fully trusted medical information on the internet,

the Most trusted information in terms of medications is you. If you tried to use that medication and it works and heals you from your sickness then it's effective.

One Sickness have different Kinds of Medication can be found on the internet.

There was such thing we so called compatibility. it derives that if the certain medicine is compatible for you to take then it is effective. Some Doctors Suggested you different Kinds Of Medicine to take bu does one of them works?

No matter how the Price of that medicine but as long it is not compatible to your body then it will give A Poor effectiveness against such illness or health Problem.


Your Doctor. That should be your source number one that you can trust. Everything else. You should be carefull and double and triple check.