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Your earnings in the blockchain are dependent on the people you associated with and not purely on the content your provide. How do you interpret the previous sentence?
Enlighten me.

I wouldn't say purely dependent on the people you associate with but probably something along the lines of 75% social interaction (or friendliness) and 25% quality.

I am one of those who used to believe that quality of one's content will make one successful in here as it was what most of the orca/whales in here say to newbies when they ask for tips, and they are not entirely wrong about that. 

The problem though is visibility. No matter how a newbie delivers a high-exceptional quality blog post, the chances of that being curated and read by a whale/orca (not curation groups like curie/ocd/steemstem) is slim. As much as I hate to say this, but most people on Steem instinctively judge an account based on it's reputation first then Steem Power next. 

The first thing that pops into some big accounts head when they see a well-written post from an account with a rep of less than 35 is sometimes: "plagiarist/stolen content", much more if the thumbnail and caption wasn't catchy enough. The chances of them reading your post would significantly drop.

That is why, one might need to increase his/her interaction to somehow increase their earnings. One might only get plankton/minnnows/dolphins  to interact with the post but sooner or later when one constantly delivers decent content, they will also be in the radar of some orca/whale who is friends with those plankton/minnow/dolphins who interacted with your post. Kind of like how you gain friends in the real world and on other social-media platform. 

So yeah! Once you get them to notice you and somewhat befriend you then your earnings will probably be dependent on this people. Quality content however would increase your guaranteed earnings from your friends so one must still try to deliver such contents as possible. XD


That’s a BELIEF. Not an absolute truth.

One might collect “facts” to validate that belief. And there may be certain times and places where there is truth to it. But to state that is THE truth 100% of the time is straight cognitive bias at work.


Well if you ask me to enlighten you I definitely have this to say steemit.com it's going through a phase and we keep evolving with time in the past I may interpret your perception not based on your conclusion what I'm trying to say is And the early days of steemit.com this wasn't entirely true and if I were to place a percentage I will say the quality of your content takes 60% while people who you know on the platform will take 40% however this was in the past because there wasn't much users on steemit.com in the past and any attempt at a quality content was eagerly just like I saw a new user on steemit.com 2 years ago who posted the quality content and got $5000 in the world and this was basically just a newcomer so definitely say the time depends however so much is changing.

These days the people you interact with decides 95% of your earnings and steemit.com and 3% is only given by decentralized applications and remaining 2% are just earnings based on the quality of your content this is because in the past we used to have a lot of quality contents rewarders like @curie and @ocd but these days its like they no longer function any longer there are others that are not even in existence any longer so the only way people n mostly these days is by the people they know , trust and interact with on the blockchain most of these people have them on automatic votes and they can post as many times as they want and get this automatic votes.

So there's no vivid need for interpretation that much steemit is decentralized and the more decentralized you are the more your earnings increases so that is the main reason why we call the platform a decentralized system because it works and deals with people, it's like a democratic setting the more support you have the more valuable you become so it also works the same way here and that's the total interpretation of what you meant


This could mean community participation is very vital for one to succeed compared to being isolated and holding a good contents. And I believe being active is one purpose of the blockchain, so even if your contents are good and one doesn't mingle with right minds , the chances of success is very low.

Most social networks have this principle of active participation or involvement and it's not steemit alone, so there is a high chances that the above statement is true


@Adamada, Yes, Steemit is Social Media Network Platform and for sure our connections are more vital than content and that is because if we just post content but not engaging with anybody then for sure we are not going to get exposure and we will feel the idleness. So first of all we have to buildup the network and success will come accordingly.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂