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When will there be a chatroom on musing.io?

I think we already have a chat room on discod channel whereby you interact and communicate with other musing users. You also have the opportunity to make complains or suggestions about musing. You can join us on Discod via https://discord.gg/BDSFJh.

But if you are asking about creating a chat room on the website, you can meet with the team members on the Discod Channel. But I don't really like that idea of creating a chat room on the website because I believe musing is a question and answer paying platform which makes it a bit different from Quora.

Enabling a chat room on the website may distract most users on the platform such that they won't want to be asking questions and answering questions on the main section. They may end up they visiting the chat room and chat 24/7 decreasing the productivity of the platform.

I prefer musing adopting a system whereby you are able to chat privately with individuals and not group chat (chat room) on the main website.

In conclusion, let's be patient with the team and let's keep making use of musing as we hope for more better features in the future. Remember to send your suggestions, ideas or problems on the discod channel and you will surely be answered.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


I think we dont need it too, and separated chatroom in discord from this channel :  https://discord.gg/BDSFJh is okay now. We dont need something that too crowded in our platform.