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What are the main purpose for celebrating birthday?

The purpose of celebrating a birthday is to mark the day you were born, and also to mark the number of days you have lived on earth. While growing up, you will admit that you have lost some of your close friends and most time relatives but God in his infinite mercies is kind enough to keep you alive so that alone is worth celebrating. You are not alive because you are too righteous or because you are too perfect but you are alive because God has a purpose for keeping you.

Celebrating birthdays is a way of partying with your true friends and family and even well wishers and thanking God for life. It is a good activity as it is fun and it is a time to merry.


Celebrating birthdays is a habit, a tradition, based on the expectations of society. Nothing else.


One doesn't have to celebrate birthday events.

But because of the actual general human state of misery and sadness, festivities/celebrations are useful for human mental well-being. In any case, on the off chance that one celebrates regularly, celebration turns into a typical everyday practice and looses its actual value...

Subsequently every human should discover/distinguish events that one truly needs to celebrate. Society/religions additionally give us such events.

As an individual, individual events are likewise vital and henceforth one ought to commend individual achievements throughout everyday life and accomplishments.

Presently birthday celebrations are imperative in such manner, that is the most fortunate amd lucky thing that happened to a person Since you didn't invest any exertion in your own birth and you get the opportunity to enjoy your life because of that event. Henceforth despite the fact that one doesn't compulsorily need to celebrate birthday events, one ought to celebrate them in the way one like (well not necessarily party) and consider it a yearly achievement in life to actually take a breath,look at the past and also forsee the future,stay happy..celebrate happiness....celebrate your birthday....

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