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We have been hearing that jesus is coming soon for thousands years, when will the world going to end and when is rapture going to take place?


Let’s go to our next most-trusted source next to the bible... 🔮

Now for a more serious answer... bear in mind the Bible has been translated numerous times, lost much in the re-writings by parties using it for personal agendas... and that much of its wisdom is not literal, but METAPHORICAL...


According to the bible no one actually knows when the rapture would take place and for your information you must know that in Jesus's great commission which he gave his disciples while he was about to go to heaven he told them that he is going to prepare them a home in heaven and he would come back to take them. This points to the return of Jesus Christ for the second time however the bible also stated it that the son of man will come like a thief in the night and people would not even be aware of his presence.

It means that people can't and won't be able to predict, why? It's a prophesy. So it's not as if we have been hearing that Jesus is coming soon it has already been prophesied by the bible that there will be a second coming and that they will be rapture where people who are being saved by the grace will go into heaven while those who didn't will experience the great tribulation as well as also going to hell.

So because it is a prophecy, it makes the certainty of the timing very difficult because even the bible says it is unpredictable, however if you read your bible and your scripture very well you would notice that we are nearing the end of days and some prophecies which the bible foretold about the event in the world are already taking place and the bible also stated that when this occurrence is started happening then it is nearing the end of days and the end of time and significantly showing the time when the rapture will take place, so currently the coming back of jesus is a prophecy that hasn't been fulfilled yet so nobody knows the time when he will be coming


He is coming soon


No one knows.. But it might be today😎


 The world will end when our sun will die, and Jesus will never come because that is just the wrong interpretation. The true interpretation means, that Jesus or the Christ is a state of mind. This means, Jesus will not return in person and more within a person if he reaches the Christ consciousness.
But the text were taking latterly and there for people think he will come in person. This is just one of the many concepts from ancient times what people used the wrong interpretation for it, just like with a virgin and marriage before the church. 


This throughly have been what we have been hearing for years but from my own perspective I understand that when someone dies that is the end of his or her world from the way I understand this.


Around this time... At the end of the world age of  Pisces, the twelfth astrological sign in the Zodiac. Aquarius the water bearer is coming into place now. This must mean that heaven has already been built and prepared. : )