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Do Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus because he kissed Jesus or because he collected money ?

 He never betrayed Jesus, he was one of his best friends, there is a even a gospel of Judas. https://www.gospels.net/judas/

The Romans made up that story to frame the Jews, the name Judas comes from Judea. The whole story is a Roman lie, to manipulate the masses to frame the Jews for the betray and murder of Jesus.

While the other story is, Jesus got caught by the Romans, and murdered on the cross, because that was the Roman way to punish people and to bring fear among the Jews.

The reason why the Jews stood up against the Romans in 66 AD, was because of high tax and that the Jews did not want to accept the statue of the emperor in there temples, that was against the Jewish law to praise statues.

Then the Jews rebel against the Romans and kicked them out of Israel, until General Titus came back to Israel and destroyed the Jewish temple, and only kept the wall up. Since then the Romans ridiculed the Jews in Arenas and stories and made up the story that Judas betrayed Jesus. This is the historic story what the church will never tell you, because the Church is a Roman product!

What people should do is read archaeological findings and not what the church tells you to believe, because those stories are coming from the Romans. And the Romans were even far more evil than the Nazi's!

Who would believe a story of the Nazi's? Then why would you believe a story of the Romans! And no this is not what i believe, all this information comes from archaeological findings and from the book of general Titus of "the Jewish Wars" and was written by Josephus! The story of Jesus what everyone knows is a Hoax, the real story of Jesus is from the Gnostic! 


Judas Iscariot didn't betray Jesus by doing any of these two, he betrayed Jesus first of all by having the vile and vain thoughts in his mind, meeting with the pharisees and Sdducees behind Jesus without even telling him about the meetings and even after Jesus disclosed in the last supper that someone was going to betray him amongst his disciples he was still adamant with his thoughts and didn't repent from the the statement/warning/admonition by Jesus.

The fact that he was was already meeting the people who were plotting against jesus behind him. This on its own is a major betrayal and the major let down from someone who was chosen among the twelve. He betrayed Jesus I actually have to point out that the second stage was when he left the gathering of Jesus and his disciples in order to disclose the meeting point of Jesus and his disciples and who exactly he was, how he dressed and how he looked like.

So it wasn't just the singular act of collecting the money or the kiss that signified the whole betrayal process, he betrayed Jesus by allowing the devil to use him to actually perpetuate the act by meeting with the chief priests behind Jesus and actually sealed the betrayal process by explaining the meeting points of Jesus and his disciples so it was the process of the carefully, thoughtful and well devised that signifies the betrayal to me the kissing and money we only the final process of the final stage that nailed the coffin. For me it was the process of the betrayer and not the ending points of the betrayal act in my opinion


If he collected money for kissing Jesus, does that make Jesus a john...? 🤣


Judas had already betrayed Jesus in his heart before he even committed any of the two.

The kiss was a sign to show those guys who the real Jesus was

He collected the money as a pay to the betrayal

The moment he thought to sell Jesus off, he had betrayed him already.

So it is not by kiss nor by the money.


He betrayed Jesus because he actually collected money. The moment he thought of selling Jesus off, he had betrayed him, the kiss was only the sign to show those guys that he's the one they are to capture.