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Do you believe in magic? give your reasons?

Yes. I believe in magic.

Maybe not the magic of making things disappear and come back again. Maybe not the magic of sawing a person in half and then they are all whole again. The magic on stage to me is trickery mixed with distraction. the majority of those tricks I can see how they are performed.

This does not mean that all magic is not real. Just the performance is an act there to entertain. Avoiding going into the realm of it is magic that we are all here at all type of magic. Which I class more as hearsay, the reason why we are here is mere opinion of those who form it.

But on to the real magic. This magic may involve some of those tricks we see on stage. Some trickery and deception, this trickery is not done in any way with malice more to provide the magic.

The magic of childhood. The magic available to those of that age is phenomenal. The magic of Santa. The magic of faerie's and Dragon's, all those mythical creatures that we lose belief in as we grow, This kind of magic is very real. Simply because it is true to those who can believe in it. 

I believe in that magic. It might not be magic as we would like to have it, But it is the most magical time in our lives.

If magic is not real, Let us pretend this kind of magic is. Give our children the magic of imagination.