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Who is your favourite character in the bible?

I admire many valiant characters in the bible i must say but a Character i really admire with a special touch is King David of the old testament. A valiant young man from his youth and one of the greatest kings of Israel, a warrior, musician, psalmist etc. You know he was not the most perfect person, in fact he was far from perfect but still God called him a man after his own heart. It was because of David that God promised the kingdom of Israel to his house for rulership.

What fascinates me most is his glorious triumphs in the battles he fought. These stories got me hooked to my bible as a kid and they were the only things i read in my bible as a kid. Especially his slaying of Goliath the philistine giant and his other victories. He even had skilled men in battle who all did astounding things in battle and were called his mighty men of valour. Even till the end of his life, God was with him and God prospered him mightily. He was a great king and a great one at that in battle and i loved him for that.

There are days i even wished i could be taken back to  his time just to witness one of his battles and his conquest of his enemies.


that would be moses....

I love so many characters in the bible but one character i admire so much inside the bible is the man called king solomon,as controversial as the man is,the bible made us realize that he was intelligent and he was a man full of wisdom

King solomon had many wives no doubt and he was rich but i love the fact that he had so much wisdom and he was able to manage his wives and was able to become one of the greatest and richest king till today,i would love to be like king solomon someday..lol

My favorite is Joseph within the Old Testament, as a result of he had several unfair things happen to him however continually unbroken a decent perspective and his trust in God.

and since of that, he had favor in no matter state of affairs he over up in. as an example he was his father’s favorite, thus his jealous brothers sold him into slavery to Egyptians Who were actually passing through at that period.....

Joseph was serving well in Egypt once he was incorrectly defendant and visited jail…he eventually over up being second on top of things of the state

. Pharoah gave him leadership as a result of he was special. so Joseph saved his family from famine and simply forgave his brothers. He endured unfair things that he did not be for years, however he realised that God will use something that was meant for evil and switch it to one thing smart.