What are lessons, the rich teach their kids that the poor don't?
There must be something that distinquish the rich from the poor.

  I guess, it depends on the type of family, some of which may not be so concerned about heredity and legacy, but if they are, judging by what I have seen in some families I know, rich people make sure their kids are self-reliant and believe the world belongs to them and it is just a matter of course that they will occupy the positions their parents and grandparents before them occupied. For that, they need to learn how money works and how it is obtained and reproduced.

Rich people are (for outsider’s perspective) stingy. For their perspective, they are just being frugal. They teach their kids not to waste money or time on anything. Time and money must be invested and some sort of profit must be obtained. Even though some rich people can throw lavish parties, some others would rather be temperate and avid unnecessary indulgence in pleasures that may represent losses rather that gains.

They also teach their kids that everything can be achieved if you have the right connections. Thus, children are introduced at early age to important people in different ways of lives and they learn when, what and how to ask for favors, as well as how to negotiate such favors. Thus, they need to be good with words and from early age rich kids are given all they need to have not only the poise but also the education to impress when needed.

Because they have plenty of resources available, rich parents teach their kids that there is nothing they cannot achieve. They just need to set their minds on an idea and that idea will become a reality. That is, they must be self-confident, creative, but also determined and industrious. There are cases of rich kids who have it all without moving a finger; usually, those are the ones who end up squandering their family’s fortunes. The hairs in charge of taking their names to the next level are taught to work hard so that they learn to value what they get and will protect their assets more effectively.

Rich parents also teach their kids not to trust everybody. They avoid falling for tricks that may translate into swindles. They may be generous, but they try to dose their generosity so that it is not mistaken as weakness and vulnerability. They are taught to supervise every project so that not too much responsibility and confidence is given to someone who may ruin an investment.

They are taught to value family more than friends, but if family interferes with business, then family links should be cut. It is easier for a rich parent to disown a child or relative if they consider that that relative may put their fortune in danger. In other words, they are very pragmatic and they try to teach that pragmatism to their kids.


We all want to give our kids the right lesson and want the best for them. As our lifestyle and living status is different, so the way of parenting is also different. So what a millionaire would teach to his kids must not be taught by a low income parents. It may sounds wired but this is the truth and this is how the would is running. 

Teaching kids comes from need and giving them the way of living. As so called rich and poor parents have different life choices and way of living so it is very normal that their teaching and parenting would also be different.

From my understanding there are few things which taught by the relatively rich parents.

1. The first thing I believe is they taught about 'money function'. They tend to give their kids the basic knowledge about how money works, why people are paid differently, how to improve financial condition etc at the early stages. But relatively poor parents tend to avoid to talk about money most often.

2. Believing in quick result and magical change: They often taught their kid that some day some magic will happen and their fortune will change forever. Rather, they used to give the the understanding that they have to try hard to achieve something. Whether the other parents tend to depend on the fate, I believe so. 

3. Knowing about money and asset: As money is a good tool to them which brings luxury, so they also taught the kids that money is a good thing. And trying to accumulate money is not bad. On the other hand, you will notice that poor parents teaches their kids that money is a bad thing and being love with money is not good for life.

4. Increase income and let money work for you : Poor parents tend to teach to live a simple life and adjust with small income. But rich parents used to teach kids how to improve life income and how other means can help them. There is nothing wrong to increase your money. 

5. Prefer to give the time which have a real value: Poor people prefer to teach the philosophy of life and other understanding to their kids. But riches are different. They give priority to the real valuable thing. 

I don't think that all the life lessons given by rich parents are good and the poor parents are bad or vice versa. Rather I think, all those lesson are helpful to build their life. As they are living life differently so they have different life priorities. They have different life problem. And to solve those and make a way is surely differently. The important question is, what lesson we get from our parents and serves us well in life? If we can find the answer, then it will be easy to teach our kids the right way.  

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To be frank, only someone who is truly rich should have answered this because we don't operate on the mindset of the rich now, I can only answer this question based on the knowledge I gained from reading the book, "my rich dad and my poor Dad" or else I do have just passed through with saying nothing.

The rich teaches their children the principle of investment, on how to make use of little to make as much as they desire in life. They teaches them how to take reasonable risk . The power one holds when he or she is rich, that's the power of affluence.

The rich teaches their children the fact that education is not all that one can prosper from but wisdom in investing and creating assets than liabilities.

In just a simple word, the rich teaches their children the mindset of the rich and the poor Dad teaches their children the mindset of the poor. That's the difference.


I don't see any lessons the rich teach their kids that the poor don't.

I have seen rich people's kids who do not believe they can start a business of their own. All they do is depend on their parents riches and some are even too full of themselves. But that's non of my business though.

Some rich people do teach their kids on the ethics of becoming rich if the kid cares to listen.

The poor too teach their kids the ethics of becoming rich in life that is if the poor believes the kid can make it in life and also if the kid cares to listen.

These two set of people as far as I'm concerned want their kids to grow up to be rich, so I don't see any lessons the rich can give to their kids that the poor can't.

I hope you find my answer informative.

Thank you.

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Maybe that they should trust in themselves, be more confident and that success is not something wrong or evil. They have a different mindset they pass on.