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Why is it that some people prefer reward than the actual task given?
Reward motivates more than anything.

Naturally, people tend to enjoy rewards and results than the process that lead to it. But yet the reward system cannot be enjoyed if there was no input or efforts.

There's something called the reward system, found with the nervous system of the human brain. I would talk more on that some other time.

People prefer reward than the actual task given because getting they think getting the reward is easier than doing the task.

They feel or see the task as some form of punishment and pain. While the reward represent enjoyment. So they want to enjoy without feeling any pain.

Is like trying to reap without sowing. What people need to know is this. In the real world, things seldom working this way. You don't skip the task to get the reward.

The reward system is incomplete without a task, without efforts to be made, without contributions, without some form of sweat, sacrifice or pain.

People prefer reward than the actual task also because they don't want to take any risk. They fear risk. They don't wanna risk time, resources, their comfort zone or sleep. They don't wanna risk anything.

But in actual sense, the pain comes before the gain. Tasks accomplished before rewards. Efforts made before results. Inputs before output.

It has always been, it is, and it will always be; tasks given and accomplished before rewards. Else there will be no reward at all.


People always wanted the easiest work to be able to gain any benefits or rewards. However, in such rewards, there is work involved. You cannot just gain rewards without doing anything. For example, a child will be given rewards by parents if their academic grade is excellent. Then the child will work out to reach that grade. Thus,they will receive the rewards from their parents. There is effort involved. so we shouldn't looked down on people who prefers rewards.