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How can we learn English faster ?

An easy thanks to speak English simply that you simply will learn by yourself, that is :

1. Learn 1st artificial language words

Before you start to use communicative habits, it is a sensible plan to 1st learn easy words in English, that ar usually employed in everyday spoken language. Like me, you, him, and different words ordinarily employed in everyday spoken language.

2. usually hear English songs and write the lyrics

English illustration 2017 Merdeka.com

In this age of technology it's definitely straightforward for you to transfer songs in English. If you're a consumer, learning whereas paying attention to music is incredibly pleasant for you. during this stage you do not simply hear the song. however listen fastidiously to the lyrics and record them in your notes and gadgets. once you've got written the song lyrics, check the lyrics on the net. Is it alright or one thing wrong.

This will increase the extent of sensitivity of your ears to English (listening).

3. usually observation English movies while not Indonesian subtitles

Another fun issue that you simply will use as a way of learning English is to observe English-language films. Of course, to form you smarter, begin by observation movies while not Indonesian subtitles. If it's still troublesome, use Indonesian subtitles however not too usually. If you discover a troublesome word, note and hunt for the assuming to raise your English word lexicon.

4. Frequent reading of English literature

Well, read. Reading isn't the habit of most Indonesians. however after all albeit you do not adore it, you continue to have to be compelled to begin to be told to scan any literature in English. this may improve reading (reading)

5. Tekuni reads nation lexicon

Not solely diversion literature like articles, novels, or English language news. you furthermore mght have to be compelled to scan nation lexicon. a way to quickly learn self-taught English to feature your vocabulary.

6. Learn the which means of English words that you simply do not perceive and study

If throughout paying attention to music, observation movies, and reading in English and you discover foreign words that you simply do not perceive. do not simply skip it. Record and study. this can be a straightforward thanks to learn English.

7. strive writing one thing in English

Next after you have loads of English vocabulary. begin writing one thing victimization English so your writing skills improve.

8. Learn to talk English in an exceedingly mirror

Well, before you begin lecture people in English. it is a sensible plan to be told to talk English before of a mirror so you're fluent and not aghast.

9. create a habit

Make all eight of the higher than a habit or routine so your English skills will improve quickly.

10. still apply whenever and where

Don't be back to indicate you're learning English. apply unceasingly whenever and where.


We can learn English faster in a very easy way. In order to learn English faster then you need to follow 4 skills. They are listening, reading, speaking and writing.

To learn English faster then you need to practice this skills.

1. To practice learning skill you need to see English movies, dramas, debates and try to understand their meaning of speaking. You have to practice this skill for some days.

2. After practicing learning skill, you need to read English dramas, nobles and various writings and try to understand their meaning. You have to practice this skill for some days.

3. After completing this two skills then we need to write a few pages in English and after writing you have to do correction the errors.

4. Finally, you should try to talk in English with friends, family members and others. After trying to talk with others in English then you will be able to learn English faster.

If you follow this 4 skills then you can easily learn English faster.


Learning any language takes time. You cannot learn English overnight. If you think to learn English and be a fluent speaker pretty fast, keep the idea out of your head. Well, I'm not discouraging you. I'm going to tell you the real thing.

First of all, English is a language. When we were in school, we had a subject named English. We tend to think that English is a subject. English is a language that you can use to communicate people all over the world.

Let's talk about the basic. You can improve your reading skills by reading. You have to read a lot. If you want to improve your writing skills, you have to write. To improve your speaking English, you have to speak. And listening skills can be improved by listening.

As I said before, language is for communication. Think about a child. How can a child learn a language? Of course, a child listens first, then tries to speak. You should do the same. 

Listen to English as much as you can. You can watch movies or any other favorite program. Now you can learn English easily. Just go to YouTube. You will find many vloggers who are native English speakers. Just watch their vlog, you can improve your English faster because you will know how English is spoken in real life. 

You will find amazing English teachers on YouTube. Watch their videos and practice. Have patience and be consistent. You will see the result.

Hope you will find my answers helpful to improve your English. 


One of the fastest methods to learn any language is to watch movies/videos, in the language you want to learn, with captions/subtitles in your language.

If you alreaday have a basic understanding of, in this case English, and can follow a conversation, with the captions you will be able to pick up more because subconsciously you may read them.

If you do not yet have that basic skill, then your focus will be mostly on the captions (in your language) and subconscously you will start picking up the English spoken text as well.

The fastest way to pick any language up though is to speak it. Speak and write it. Have no fear to make errors, in fact ask a friend/peer to occasionally correct you. But correct you in a way that it doesn’t become a burden for ou, because being corrected too often may lead to feeling demotivated.

If you like writing, you can use any writing platform, like Google Docs, a markdown editor, or even Medium with collab eateries and then share your text and ask your peers from improvements, corrections.

A combination of ‘all of the above’, with highest focus on actually speaking it and allowing to be occasionally corrected is the fastest method to pick up any language.


Goog question. I have learned English to fluency as a kid, by the time I was in the 6th grade. Croatian is my mother tongue and its a language with a world of difference inbetween with English. I've heard foreigners and people trying to learn Croatian say that its one of the hardest languages to learn. On my journey to learn English I found out about a couple of things that really helped me o forward much faster.

 I can pinpoint a couple of things that really helped me excel at learning English.

Learn from listening to native speakers talk. This is probably how I learned most of the English I know. Watch movies, tv series and cartoons, I've built a big vocabulary doing just that and it help me get a good understanding of the language, how to concept meaningful sentenses and express my thoughts. 

The thing that helped me put the last nail in the English coffin and perfect my pronounciation and further increase vocabulary, was talking to native speakers. 

This is in fact, the best and fastest way to learn English, or any other language. Just repeating words in your mind, without actually saying them out loud, isn't doing you much good.  Without pronouncing the words and actually using them to communicate with another human being, you won't learn much and it will be a pain to move forward.

Talking with a friend in English though, will help you strengthen your confidence in the language, allow you to learn faster than ever and to learn the expressions and words native speakers would use.  This will bring you closer to your end goal of fluency the fastest.

Just persist, stay motivated and use the language whenever you can.


The best way to learn it fast is to learn it slow. Do not rush as many languages need years of studying. There are many aspects of English that a student of the language has to learn just to get the gipse of it.

Read simple books first starting with those that have simple English words and slowly moving up to books that have more details. Talk to your friends in English and watch a lot of American films and television series.

Write more often. Google helps a lot too.


The most proven effective manner to learn any language is by immersion.

If you only speak and communicate in the language you want to learn, you will pick it up that much quicker.

One of the more common methods to learn English in particular is to watch a movie or television show in English but have subtitles in your native language. This allows you to hear the words spoken and read them in your native language to acquaint yourself with the spoken word. You can then reverse that watch shows with English subtitles to be able to read the written words as you hear them spoken in your native language.

Most countries offer a variety of EFL (English as a Foreign Language) courses through universities, colleges, or even community centre (such as YMCA) programs that can help accelerate your learning speed.

Reading books in English, listening to people speak in English (native speakers are best in this case), anything that puts you in an English speaking environment,

Immersion is the key to learning any language quickly.


There is nothing that you can learn fast. There is a famous proverb slow and steady wins the race. So in-order to learn anything may it be English or any other foreign language a person needs that dedication to learn. Dedication along with eager to go that extra mile and that strong will to learn will help you in learning anything it could be English, German, French any foreign language.

So, in a nut shell if you want to learn English fast you will need to put in that extra effort, have that dedication and go beyond your comfort level to learn English. Here, I'm also sharing some of the resources to get you started with learning English.

1. Start with reading books you like. This, will enhance your vocabulary and will help you to learn English language fast.

2. Watch English movies, this has helped me personally to improve my English skills. Hence recommending you the same.

3. Check online tutorials there are abundant of them that should help you to get started with learning English.

4. Find a friend who also wants to learn English. Both of you should practice by speaking in English with each other. The more you speak the better you get at English language.

Finally, if you have a Budget available join some English speaking coaching  classes this is great place to learn English fast.  

I, hope these pointers would help you in learning English fast to an extent. Happy learning.


Learning a new language can come off to be extremely stressful, over bearing and some times boring but it all depends on the person who wants to learn.

In order to learn English faster, one have to dedicate a certain percentage of time daily to focus on learning the language.

There is no particular shortcut to learning a language other than relating with those who speak the language, listening to them speak, imitate them, ask for meanings to what they spoke, read books on the language. And get a tutor.

The first thing one learns from a new language is the way they greet, then the alphabets that represents their language and used to form words. For English it's A-Z, then you learn to understand the sound and pronunciation of these alphabets and start using it in pronouncing simple words before going into complicated words.

Getting a good tutor would speed up the process ten times faster and also continuous practice of the language by trying to speak it no matter how shoddy it might sound helps in practicing the language better.

Finally, according to a figure of speech in literature, it says ' the best way to learn a language is to speak it' . this simply means you cannot learn the language if you don't try to speak it. Speak it the way you understand and those who knows better than you would correct you, that way you learn by experience and also learn faster.


 Immerse yourself in the English language. This is the most important tip if you are learning languages. Watch English movies without subtitles, read magazines or articles in English. Try to understand without using translations unless you need clarification. In fact, most of the online articles are English. There is a lot of information and more, there is Quora in English! You can start reading answers in English and thankfully, many words in English are similar in French.

You can try Duolingo to practice each time. In addition, the program comes from the base at a difficult level ... it could try but it depends.

It's the same problem as me. In fact, I make mistakes now (I'm sorry). Fortunately, vocabulary and online information help with studying English language and French language (for me)!

I hope this answer helps you!

Good luck! 


If you want to improve your English faster, you should surround yourself in English. If you can go and live in an English speaking country, you can learn English faster because all you watch and listen in English. You can also create an artificial environment around you if you are not in an English speaking country.

You can watch English programs, it could be anything. Try to learn from them. Get help from English teacher and coach. You will improve your English faster.


You should read my posts in the English Phrasal Verbs series. I introduce one phrasal verb a day. Its uses are discussed in the comments. I have enlisted three native speakers (which I'm not myself): one South African (born and raised in England), one Australian and one American who sometimes chime in and comment on the use of each phrasal verb. I'm very grateful for their help.