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Artists are made or born? Can anybody be an artist?
I'm trying to understand myself through the things I create, and I used to think that artist aren't made but born. I have never considered myself a natural artist. I wanted to be a writer but it didn't come natural to me. I wanted to be a painter, and I wanted to learn how to draw, and none of it came natural. Therefore, even if I do all of these things, I've always have a feeling that I'm not good enough. This week I've been writing and drawing again,and I feel well doing so, and even though I still feel weird, I have decided I must keep going. I decided I should let my self-doubt stop me from creating. Art nourishes me, and I can discover myself through it, as it is a way to learn more about myself, life, and the universe. Art is a way for the soul to express itself. So in theory, are we all born artists? What do you think?

No, everyone cannot be an artist. What people don't understand about art is that; it is creation of what has never existed, rather than science which is discovery of existing principles.

Art involves higher level of ingenuity, not everyone can create new things, it takes reasonable magnitude of talent and practice.

For instance, drawing entails extraordinary attention to details, and 80% of the work is in human imagination.

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We're never born artists, though we all have the dominion to appreciate the aesthetics of arts but if you must know artist aren't born, that's why I always say talent for the tendency of art doesn't make one an artist, it is the rigorous processes and practices that brings mastery. being an artist is not just about the potential, there are three things that makes an artist complete the first thing is the potential which you have definitely showcased and displayed according to your explanations the second thing is the skill development and mastery and the next thing is the opportunity to polish your abilities.

The reason why you do not feel like a complete artist is because you have only displayed talent and potential and you have not gone through the second and third process so as a result of this you can never be a complete artist that is why I say artists are not born. When you look at pure gold that has not been refined it is definitely useless but when it has gone through the purification and refining process that is when it becomes viable and useful. So you have to make yourself the artist you want yourself to be the mindset that you show potentials and that makes you a complete artist is completely wrong . being an artist is a rigorous process and even if you were born with talent and potentials without undergoing this processes then you can never become an accomplished artist.

So people can be born with the tendency and potential to be an artist but they can never be born to be a complete artist. When you look at all works of life you will see a lot of people either successful or failures the truth is that this kind of people or had potentials but one of them worked on their potentials and the other ones didn't. When I was young had a knack to draw and write but I left such potential in order to chase other dream today I cannot call myself an artist because I am not fully established and have not undergone the processes that will see me as a completely established artists. So you may be born with the potential but you are not defaulted to be an artist because you have the potential. So the situation is very delicate however you must understand that nobody is born an artist people are born with potentials but not opportunities, these potentials are like raw materials that are needed in building however if you do not utilise them then they will remain only potentials and never be fully actualized


I think that some of the artists are born, some other become artists through the life they are living And sometimes it requires a harsh life in order to become an artist as the routine of the live doesn't bring anything spectacular.

From drama an artist is brought to life and it joys our hearth through resonating with him or her.


We may not be born as natural artists, but many are naturally having the liking on arts. They are gifted of talents in creating artistic works. That's why a lot of artists finds it easily to put into art whatever their state of emotions is.

While some are gifted with artistic talents, others developed such skills. I heard an artists told us she's not really an artist by blood, but her love for creating arts was just developed. While that might be true, having such strong interest in arts is already a natural gift which led them to becoming artists.


Both. Some are brought into the world normally talented, and others of us come into our longing later, and work to build up our expertise. Similarly as is valid for any specialty and calling, a few people are naturals, and some are called to it, inspired to learn and build up the aptitude, and have adequate capacity to have the capacity to do as such. 

The main concern however, is that it is inside us some place - some of it for individuals would be clear and unquestionable, for other people, it takes somewhat longer to take in our calling. Furthermore, regardless of whether common inalienable ability or created expertise, it requires work, and want, and inspiration to create and develop.