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Which in your opinion is the best Steem Witness? and Why?

In your opinion, which one is the best Steady Witness? and why? I think the best witness of steem is @good-karma, why did I choose him because he gave curations to all eSteem application users according to the work they wrote in the application. Although I only get a little curation from them, but I am very grateful because they still want to curate every post that I post even though I don't provide the best content as some of our seniors did.

Even though the curator from @good-karma itself, only curates each of the best posts every day, but my posts almost every day can be entered into their curation list maybe because the posts I make are one of the content that must be curated for them so they always curate every posts that I display in the eSteem application. I chose @good-karma as a witness in Steem for nothing but because it was he who had made my account as big as you see now, maybe if without him my account would not be as big as you see today.

And what you need to know is, @good-karma also strongly supports beginner steemers to make each of their best works through the eSteem application. In fact, they made a class at Discourd called #eSteem-Univesity to teach beginner steers that they know how to create the best quality content every day so that every post we post can get a reward that is worth the work that you make every day.