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Whats your opinion about Life ?

Life is a colorful carousel in which you go around many times, it is a roller coaster in which sometimes you can be up, other times down. Life can be a game, but also the most serious thing you have.

Life is for the brave and daring, for those who don't wait for the rain to pass and get out and soaked! 

Life is an open wound about to bleed, about to heal, just look at it to see how much it hurt and how much it still hurts. 

Life is that little bit of air that comes out of your lungs and makes you sigh, but also that cool breeze that lifts your skirt and makes your hair stir. 

Life is the darkness that frightens, but it is also that sun that illuminates you in the mornings.

Life is a song or a sad poem written in your own handwriting on a piece of paper at the end of the afternoon.

Life is that rushed drink in a bar at 12 p.m., the freshly brewed coffee in the morning, the cold beer on the wooden bar in the middle of the road.

Life is running, falling, getting up and running. It's also walking slowly, looking with your heart and feeling with your gaze.

Life is a film that no one should tell you, you should see it and live it yourself. In that film you must be the protagonist.

Life is a hug, a kiss, but also a tear; a word, a scent, but it is also a silence.

Life is what makes you drown when you are next to the loved one, which makes you jump and laugh happily. 

Life is the number on which you must bet everything you have: if you win, well; if you don't win, no way. But the important thing is that you bet, that you didn't just sit back and wait for the others to win. 

Because life is living, in spite of everything.  


"Life" is tied in with keeping up a legitimate offset with whatever occurs with our lives.

In our lives now and then, we need to confront some intense circumstances and additionally here and there we need to respect some cheerful minutes likewise however whatever occurs with our lives, on the off chance that we can't mentally deal with ourselves, no better things will occur with us. We ought to be judgemental and scholarly also to keep up each circumstance appropriately.

In the field "life" the individuals who will mentally push forward by keeping up everything appropriately will win eventually in this race and will have a cheerful existence additionally on the grounds that they realize how to purchase energy for themselves in each and every day and then again, the more you will utilize your heart, the more bitterness you will have and your life will resemble a damnation. Since the present world has been extremely educated and exceptionally calculative also. In this way, on the off chance that you need a quiet life, on the off chance that you need a superior and dynamic life, be scholarly yet certainly not be an enthusiastic one, I have encountered amid my short voyage of life.

Along these lines, be sure, move strongly and mentally handle everything and afterward your life will truly give something uncommon to you and one all interestingly, don't give your circumstances a chance to overwhelm yourself regardless of what they are else you will be a looser to yourself.