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What do You Think is a important to Select Your Goal Before Start your Project ?

Well first things first, every project has to have a start and a finish and your goal should be the finishing point. Moreover, nobody every embarks on a journey without having a destination in mind(unless you're wandering) and in this case your goal is your destination.

Starting a project without having a goal in mind is senseless if you ask me because your goal is most likely what you'll use to know if your project is successful or not and it's what you'll use to know if you've reached the end of the project or if there still work to be done.

Setting your goal before you begin the project gives you perspective on just what exactly the project is going to be about and how best it would be to carry out that project. Take for example, if your a driver and your goal is to get to an office across town in 10 minutes, depending on how far the place is, you'll be able to determine if you should drive fast o slow and what route to use.

A project started without a goal in mind is a waste of time if you ask me because if no goal is set then the project essentially will never end.

I hope this helps.


With out proper vision where you want to see yourself and mark down your development there is no way you can grow in a right way.  So selecting your long and short term goal is the first thing you should do when you start a new project.

If you are determining to start a business, or try to develop your health or your knowledge or what ever you are interested to- a proper goal setting can help you to measure where you need to be and where you are. What sort of development you needed to be go there and how to improve in that better.  

So selecting the goal before jumping on the project is as important as the project itself. Every single successful projects follow this rule. There is no other way to measure anyone's achievement through out the journey. A good goal setting can give you the idea of the output and will show you the stairs of development and success. 

Goals also speed up the projects and achieving certain goal can give us the feeling of success. So first set the goal and then run the project. That is the proper way I believe. 

Have a great day.


You have to set your goals first to understand the project. There is no use starting a new project wit out goals in place.

Normally what I do is set.down my objectives and then subdivide those into steps. This helps by breaking down each task simplifying the whole project.

Most projects are huge and can be overwhelming.Splitting it up into stages will not only speed up the process but will enable you to achieve your goals..


@Ahmanik, In my opinion, it's all about the Network one have because when we have strong network then for sure there are many opportunities to develop our project or launching an project, but every project will not win but may be many are there to win. Stay blessed. 🙂


Depends. There is no absolute answer to fit EVERY person and situation.

SOME people might be wired to work well with such a strategy. Others, not.

SOMETIMES it might be appropriate to have a clearly-identified end aim in mind. Others, it may produce a “better” outcome to remain flexible/adaptable and savour the journey with openness to improvisation.