Is it biologically impossible for women to be physically stronger than men?

No it's not, in fact, I know a lot of girls who are much stronger than they look and I could wager that they are stronger than some guys I know. As far as what's possible and what's not, the strength of a woman shouldn't be called into question. I have a couple of male friends who are so weak that they couldn't even do a single push up, and I guarantee that my sister is stronger than all of them.

To assume that all women are born weaker than men would be a gross miscalculation because not all boys are strong and not all girls are weak, it's just that in the general sense of things, most girls are weaker than boys.

There are female body builders who are much stronger than I am and I can bench press up to 150kg. Like all human beings, women are born with the same number of muscles that guys have, or at least almost the same. How these muscles grow is dependent on whether or not you're a boy or a girl, but your genes also play a major role in the whole thing.

If in your family, you're all big and tall then chances are that the girls will follow suit and if they do then they may be stronger than a guy who's born into a family of short and thin people. It's Indeed biologically possible before women to be stronger than men, it happens everyday.

Although If I may, the presence of higher levels of testosterone in guys makes it easier for guys to build muscle than girls so I imagine that the amount of workouts that a woman will require to reach a certain level of strength would be more than that of a man because our bodies are generally more prepared to build muscle.

Women are capable of so much more than we give them credit for and as far as strength is concerned then biology isn't a barrier or a deciding factor for whether or not a woman can be stronger than a man.

I hope this helps.


It is not only possible, it has been the norm of our species since always, as in most of Nature.

Pregnancy produces a demand for energy and oxygen impossible to sustain by a man, even professional athletes or soldiers. The consumption of resources and growth of the fetus in the abdomen surpasses the most aggressive cancers and the capacity of the heart.

The woman has an arsenal of hormones that allow her to survive for 9 months, while a man dies in a few weeks for a tumor equivalent to an embryo.

The female brain never rests like the male brain, it stays alert even at rest, and its blood has higher cortisol levels (stress). In men, it is equivalent to a combination of stress, lack of sleep and intellectual work, for example, weeks of exams, very demanding jobs or war zones.

Statistics prove that under the same pressure, men have higher rates of heart attacks, addictions, depression and suicide.

Childbirth is the most intense pain known, comparable only to terminal cancers, eviscerations in traffic accidents, war wounds or injuries of the trigeminal nerve of the face. In man, the brain discharges opioids that produce numbness or even unconsciousness. The woman can not disconnect because she must cooperate with the delivery, and she feels everything. It only resists thanks to its hormones.

Female war pilots resist G accelerations better because they are on average lower because the heart-brain distance is smaller and helps them to avoid fainting. The man compensates for the disadvantage by having more blood and stronger muscles in the abdomen and legs, which help retain more blood in the head. There are no differences in performance between sexes.

Nature is implacable to force a woman to reproduce. Menstruation is the 'punishment' for wasting ovules. The walls of the uterus detach, and it produces hemorrhage and tissue exit. In men the most similar would be abrasions or burns of 2 or 3 grade, with loss of skin and muscle, or some indigenous initiation rites that apply cuts on the skin. The woman supports this process for 4 days, every month, and for 30 or 35 years.

Let me introduce tou  to Ronda Rousey:

Once he wanted to fight with Floyd Mayweather. If this fight had happened, I would have bet money that Ronda won. Not only do I believe that a woman can be physically stronger than a man, but I believe that they can compete and beat men (sometimes). If someday Ronda wanted to hit me, I think I would ask for political asylum on the moon.


It is easier for men to generate muscle mass than for women. In this sense, in order for a woman to reach the same muscular capacity as a man, she must do more exercises than the man would do.