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I have been robbed during a trip abroad. Have you ever been robbed while doing sightseeing? With what method?

For the moment, and with luck, I've only been docked in Istanbul, Miami and Bogota, but it's the latter that is worth telling, since they orchestrated a theatrical act that would have deserved several awards for the best performance, direction and staging.

I was walking alone through the center of Bogotá, when a man in civilian clothes passes by me, to get ahead of me. Everything is normal.

Two people, also in civilian clothes, who were accompanying another and coming face to face, salute the person who had come before me, saying something like "Good morning, my lieutenant! This makes me suppose that it is a plainclothes soldier or policeman greeted by some subordinates. Follow everything normal.

About a hundred meters away. The supposed lieutenant and one of the subalterns who had greeted him, stop me. They ask for my name, nationality and address in Bogotá. I do not see it as normal anymore.

They tell me that they are part of the brigade against drug trafficking. They inform me that they have just arrested one, precisely the one who was accompanied by the two supposed police officers who crossed us, and they ask me to accompany them. I ask the alleged lieutenant to identify himself, what he does immediately by showing me a certificate indicating that he belonged to the police force. I take written note of the number that appears. By then, I was sure that I was going to be stolen at the best of times, and whether or not they were cops I was indifferent, but I had no choice but to continue with them for the time being. When we were walking to the alleged police station, another plainclothes policeman joined the team. There were already three of them, plus two others who were no longer with us, the alleged arrested and another policeman. The plot required five characters, in addition to the victim.

Without almost realizing it, suddenly we are in a very small street, with no exit (a cul-de-sac alley or salsipuedes) where already I notice that the danger is increasing. I try to leave, but the three of them force me to stay and enter the alley more. There they already take off the supposed police mask. They simply ask me to give them all my money. I give them some money, about a hundred dollars (the rest was hidden). As it seems very little to share between five, I also remove the clock, which is what I felt, because it was a gold Piaget limited edition that I received for the anniversary of some LA studios. Quickly, they left without more, fortunately.

Next, I went to the tourism police to report them. The identification of the lieutenant, as expected, was false. Accompanied by a pair of uniformed police we went to the sites where stolen objects are sold in the street, in case he could identify the Piaget, but without result.

Fortunately, with the money I had hidden, I was still able to return to the hotel.

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Few months ago, I had travelled out of my state to a state I had never been to before. I spent close to a week there and on the date of my return, which was a Sunday, I had taken my bath, dressed up and decided to take a short walk down the street. I was lodged in a hotel and wasn't so familiar with the happenings on the street. It was about 7 am and I was walking the streets unprepared for what happened next. When a small bus which is called keke napep stopped right in front of me and two guys jumped out. I was with a female friend as at that time and one of the guys pushed me into the vehicle, the other guy, pushed my friend also into the vehicle. They were both with guns and I was scared. There was a driver in front and he drove off immediately we were pushed into the small bus.

They pointed a gun at me, and threatened to shoot me. Many times, he'd hit the gun on my head and ask me to keep quiet. They took all our valuables from us including our phone and pushed us out of the moving vehicle. I sustained several bruises but I was alive. I was taken to the hospital afterwards and received special care.


When I lived on the West Coast of the United States, I used to frequent Tijuana Mexico as a means of partying with friends. 

There was a particular bar I used to go to, where a man would wait until you were inebriated, and then he would pocket your change upon ordering more alcohol. 

This was a common occurrence with this man, and despite the fact that it was 15 years ago, I can remember the mans face vividly, because it happened more than once.

The bar's solution every time, was to give free alcohol to compensate, but the alcohol they gave us for free did not change what the man had done, and it left a lasting impression with me that I'll never forget. 


Well, I have so far been safe abroad as I usually do some research first before going to certain countries. If the country has high crime rate, I will definitely not visit it. If there was such case that I would one day meet a robber in broad daylight trying to rob me, I would just give him what he wants. There is no point fighting with him as it would make him panic and may do something more harmful. One of the things I usually do is to not look like those rich looking peeps.

I guess it is good to store extra cash somewhere in our hotel to ensure that if we ever had any troubles, we could still have some of our values stuff.

I have been however burgled at my own home for many times by small petty thieves as I did not install any grills earlier. But nothing much that were stolen. One time this petty thief saw that this iptv camera was recording him, he took out a cut the wires but he did not know that the camera wasn't attached to any recording player. It was recorded in the camera itself. I just changed a new micro USB cable and I could play the recordings again. Saw his face and what he did but it was a bit dark so could not see him clearly.

Really sorry to hear about such things happening,. Try not to travel alone too. Imagine traveling with six buff guys together. I think the likely hood of getting robbed would be far lower.


There was this one time I went for crypto tourism during X-mas time at a town called BTCville...complete scam...lost 80% of what I had in my pocket.



Thankfully I didn't get robbed of anything when I went on a trip abroad. I pray I never experience such. It's a terrible experience to have your money or belongings stolen in a foreign country.