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Can thoughts change emotions?

Well yes, I believe they can. It stands to reason that happy thoughts produce positive/happy emotions while negative thoughts produce negative emotions. Our thoughts and our emotions are connected and each one can affect the other. Ever wondered why when people are in love they can't stop thinking about the person they're in love with? It's that connection that causes it and if emotions can affect thoughts then thoughts can surely affect emotions as well.

If you spend your day thinking about a problem you have which you can't fix then you are probably going to develop some negative emotions from that because you'll become frustrated or angry at the fact that you can't fix it. This is a perfect example of how thoughts can affect emotions. There's a reason why people say "Get your mind of it", that's because if you keep on pondering about something then it's definitely going to affect you in one way or another, and affecting you emotionally is one of them. If at some point you decide to think about something else, or something that makes you happy then you're probably going to become happy because your thoughts are now happy thoughts and they will produce happy emotions.

Let's assume that you're expecting some good news and you've been thinking about it all day, chances are you're going to be very happy and what will be the cause of this happiness other than the thoughts that you've been having since. If something maybe you start getting nervous and start thinking that maybe what you were hoping for won't happen again, then your happy emotions will become sad ones and then once again, your thoughts have changed your emotions.

If you ask me, thoughts and emotions are two sides of the same coin, you simply can't have one without the other. Even depressed people have negative thoughts which further worsen their emotional state. So yes, thoughts can actually change emotions.

I hope this helps.


Emotions may impact thinking however distinctively they exist as route for you to conform to stuff by not considering. What you do get communicating with your psyche is really "sentiments"; Interestingly, your brain may impact your feelings, especially when you're recalling stuff.

The truth of the matter is that You settle on choices dependent on what feelings set off whatever emotions that give you judicious and target judgment on the most proficient method to adjust your conduct astutely.


Yes. Our thoughts actually influence our emotions. Happy and interesting thoughts will produce positive and happy emotions while negative or hurtful thoughts will generate negative or sad emotions. Your thoughts control your feelings and actions

If you want to experiment it, just start thinking happy and interesting thoughts and see how quick your emotions will change to align with your happy thoughts. Our thoughts directly influence our feelings and actions


yes they can. Thoughts can cause emotions and emotions can change your thoughts as well.