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What are some habits that you have noticed in people considered highly intelligent that make you doubt if they are really as smart as people say?

There was this guy I met sometime last year whom everyone thought was extremely intelligent. Well, I thought so too, until lately, when I started thinking otherwise. He prided in him self so much and was so confident of his capabilities that one would think he knew it all until I got close to him. 

I kind of have the habit of drilling people especially if I think they're really intelligent. I am as well, lol. So I can sense or detect if truly they are what people claim they are. So I got talking with this guy and then, boom....I was able to decipher some discrepancies surrounding his supposed intelligence. I probed further and I realized that he was obviously just over-hyped. To me, he was probably just smart and lucky but not as intelligent as he was painted. I have several proof to back my claim but I'd rather not spill the beans here. Lol.

Self Confident: I agree, being self confident is a trait/habit of intelligent/smart people but I have come to realize that even those who fake it have this breeze of self confidence that seems questionable. They believe so much in themselves and carry themselves with so much pride and dignity. While this is actually not a part thing, too much of everything is bad.

Attention Seekers: Okay, we know that you are smart, but do you have to announce it to the whole world so everyone sees how smart you are? They use every opportunity to draw attention to themselves.

Full of Themselves: They are so full of themselves in that they would rather do something wrong than ask for assistance from someone because they feel they know it all. They would not want to dent the reputation people have had of them and they'd rather do it wrong than ask.

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Grandiosity. for those who may not know its an unrealistic sense of superiority, a sustained view of oneself as better than others that causes the narcissist to view others with disdain or as inferior  .

A friend recently shared with me  how he and a colleague were scheduled for a verbal interview . Unlike him, his colleague always displayed grandiosity, as though he knows way more than his peers, not accepting challenges, corrections or even accepting he is wrong, he would rather argue  and this is the same attitude he took to the interview . and guess what, yep he did not get the job. My friend on the other hand is the quite type, the intelligent and humble type that you would assume they know nothing as long as they don't open their mouths, very humble and without doubt he got the Job. 

They might have both been intelligent enough and answered the interview questions correctly, but in this case a great and humble attitude spoke for my friend and against his colleague..

Being intelligent should not result into looking down on others, i think that was also the reason why angel Gabriel was dethroned in heaven.


* I remember a genius kid then in a TV commercial of a milk product. That product features kids who are very intelligent. There's this girl who is very good in Science. When she had grown up, thinking and expecting she's a very successful person in a field that's related to science or technology, it was learned that her job is photographer. That's far from what she's good at. The reason I can see here is making poor decisions. Yes, many intelligent people make poor decisions.

* Another thing, some intelligent people make things complicated when it can be solved in a simple way. They want to show off they are intelligent, and superior than their peers.

* I knew some people who are really intelligent. If you are going to ask some things, they can answer you for their stored knowledge in their brains. However, being intelligent doesn't always make you wise. Some intelligent people fall in love with the wrong people. I knew some of them, that's why I can tell this. Funny but it happens.

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I have often found highly intelligent people to be lacking in other areas. There doesn't always seem to be a balance and common sense is one of them.

I find them irritating and struggle to get along with them. If you said that the weather was nice they would rattle off why and talk about things no one really cares about.

They can't pick up that no one really cares what they are saying and very few have people skills. I would rather be less clever and have normal skills and habits. 

They have their own world and normally self centered around them. They think that they are more important and people would love to hear what they have to say. 


Perception indeed can be deceiving. I have come across a few online and in real life myself.

I noticed that quite a few people who are often considered 'intelligent' or 'smart' by society tend to believe their own hype to the point of blocking out all other contradictory opinions.

They tend to equate their own thoughts and ideas to the way they see things rather than how things actually are. Such people often dislike the contradictory opinions of others and many of them develop zero tolerance for criticism.

However like I said, I have seen it In quite a few people, and by no means does it translate to a majority


Highly intelligent people usually skip the basics! Or in other words they tend to overthink things and will assume a lot of unforeseen variables that will not likely happen making supposedly simple tasks somewhat complicated instead.

I've also noticed that most intelligent people find it hard to explain simple things probably because of their habit of perfectionism and most of them are also afraid to make a mistake, so when they explaini simple things they tend to go in greatttt detail making it more confusing instead.