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What’s the most memorable letter you’ve ever received ?

I can't believe this question is making me remember my memorable letter and the unforgettable moment I experienced after receiving that letter. I know you are so curious to know what the letter is all about but believe me it is not love letter or any letter of greetings from my relatives. Actually, it's my Admission Letter!!!.

Ever since I was in secondary school, I have always wanted to be an undergraduate due to some unfair circumstances I do experience in my college days. Also, I do love the enthusiasm displayed by students in the University back then. I once asked someone who was schooling in the University to tell me more about his school because I actually like this person. He told me so many things such as "no teacher (lecturer) will beat you over there unlike they beat you in secondary school". He also said you are free to do whatever you like because there is freedom in higher institution.

Mhen! After hearing this as a teenager, I was already hallucinating and dreaming that I was in in Higher Institution because I don't want to get scold by my teachers anymore and I want to lead the life I wanted by taking the necessary decision in my life even though I was still very young then.

While I was in my finals during my secondary school days, I was just so happy that I was leaving that school and also I felt sad because I will miss my friends a lot. After writing my final exam, everyone was discussing about the University they want to further their education. I was very confused about the University I should choose because gaining admission into higher Institution is something very difficult here. You may get lucky to study what you applied for in your admitted school while the reverse may occur to some student students. Some students may not even be granted admission after their great effort and high score after the University entrance exam.

As for my case, mine was completely different. I didn't performed excellently in my final exams during my secondary school days and this really affected my admission because my country schooling policy is that you can't be admitted into higher Institution if you don't pass English and Maths. I actually failed both then and I couldn't gain admission that year.

I had to apply for an alternative exam which is also similar to that of my final exam. After obtaining the examination form, I felt depressed because I was just hoping to perform better than my previous exam. I had to study and study for long hours everyday and night because I just wanted to meet the requirements for gaining admission into higher Institution.

Guess what, it was time for the examination and I succeeded in every subjects. This really made me happy and it developed the confidence in me. I now have two exams left which are JAMB and the University Entrance Exam.

The remaining two exams are kind of difficult because they are a little bit advanced than that of O level examination which I successfully scaled through.

It was time to decide the University I want to attend because you will surely fill this in your JAMB form before writing the Examination. We were only giving the opportunity to register for two University, One Polytechnic and one college of Education. I just love to be in a University because I dislike polytechnics due to some things I heard about them. I registered for two Federal University and I chose a polytechnic just to avoid leaving the space empty.

The news reached every student that the JAMB Examination was going to be starting next week. I was scared because I haven't experienced such exam before and people do tell me the exam is always difficult because it's a little bit advanced than O level. I wrote the difficult exam and I left the Examination hall with the hope of doing good. I went home and waited for some days to get notified about the day my result would be ready. I finally got that notification via text message and I was told to check my result online the next day.

After checking my results, I wasn't happy because my JAMB score never met the requirements for University but it was eligible for Polytechnic. I had to go for Polytechnic because you know how it feels when your mates are already in Higher Institution and you are still at home. I just had to accept the fate life brought to me then.

While I was in Polytechnic, I had to apply again for JAMB and I chose a Federal University and a State University because like I stated earlier I don't really like Polytechnic. I was actually doing very well in school while I was in Polytechnic and I was also amongst the top 10 best students in my class then. I was very busy and I had no time for nonsense because I just want to pass my JAMB exam and I also want to do well in school. It's just like I want to use a stone to kill two birds at the same time.

I was notified about about my JAMB Examination date and I went for the exam with confidence because I was fully prepared and I was determined to take revenge. I wrote the Examination with smile and, happiness and full hope for success.

When the Result was out I was very happy because I was eligible to proceed to the next stage by writing the Final University Examination. My friends in polytechnic then saw a great change in my mood that day such that I was just playing with everyone and I bought hot sweet bread for them just to celebrate my success.

It was time for me to go write the University Examination, I had to dress very nicely and I prayed before going. On entering the University Gate, I was acting like I am already a student of that school. I wrote the Examination and I went back to my house hoping to gain admission into my desired University.

To cut the long story short, while I was just scrolling through my Facebook feed, someone called my brother and told him that I have been offered admission into my desired University. I didn't believe him because I was thinking he was just joking. I decided to go check the school official website just to verify if the admission list was out. After checking the school portal, it was clearly written that the admission list is out and students were advice to check their mail and print out their admission letter from JAMB portal provided they were successful.

I decided to check my mail and I saw "You have been offered Admission to study Engineering in the University of ***". I printed out the admission letter and I was just so happy about this.

I can never forget the memorable admission letter I was given to study in the University. I had to keep this letter in my important file and I sometimes check on it to remember those happy moments.

Some great lessons you can learn from my experience is that

1)Go for what you want

2)Never Give Up on your dreams

3)Believe in yourself

4)Always stay positive by thinking positive

5)You can achieve anything in life provided you have the courage, desire and motivation to make your goals come true

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


It's not exactly a letter, it was a postcard. Let me tell you the whole story.

My brother is a postcard collector and we're working together, he's collecting them and I'm in charge of the acquisition. 

Once we bought a postcard lot of like 100 postcards hoping to bet a few good and valuable ones ans sell the rest for a profit. I was in charge of listing most of the postcard for auction. 

While I was doing that, I came across a postcard sent in 1939 by my grandfather to my grandmother. I was in shock all day. Can you believe it? I couldn't but it was there. 

I have to mention that I live in Romania and we bought the lot from an auction house from Hungary. 

I have no idea how the postcard got there and where it's been all this time. 

It wasn't a letter but it was memorable for sure :) 


The most memorable letter I've ever received was my first ever love-letter! XD

Even now I can still remember the first sentence from that letter: "Before the airplane lands to the airport let me first greet you good morning". 

It was memorable for me because it came from someone I totally didn't expect to receive it from. It came from a tomboyish junior I have back in high-school. So to receive a love letter from someone like her who I thought was into "girls" made me question a little as how others see me. Lol


Pssst,,, the  most beautiful and memorable letter in my mind is the first reply  letter from the person I like (haha honestly she is my classmate). Dang, but the answer is quite painful because at first women always sell expensive, hehe.