What are the kind of life that anyone should avoid?

Your life is yours to do with as you choose.  This is also true of everyone else.  If your actions are infringing on someone else's free will, then you are acting out of place.  This I think is clear and logical.

Within those lines it becomes more subjective.  It seems to me that if there is a continuation of some part of our being after death in this world, then life is about learning and growing.  Anything that improves your awareness and clarity of consciousness and helps your spiritual evolution is a step in the right direction.  Actions and habits that cause you to stagnate and cloud your awareness are not beneficial or worse.   

If you consider the idea of free will you can see that things like pollution, violence, manipulation, dishonesty, etc. are all covered by this simple principle.


Humans are social beings. No matter how close the person is, he must still need the role of someone else. Humans cannot live without the help of others. Even though he has been accustomed to living independently, it cannot be denied that he will definitely still need the role of others in his life. How many people, surely there are some things that are not mastered. That is why humans in this world definitely need each other.

In social life, there are unwritten rules that should be known by people who want to succeed in their social life. The following are things we must avoid in social life. Things to Avoid in Social Life include

1. Assess too fast

We cannot understand how others before we have positioned ourselves in their position. Usually, new people in an environment will get attention from old people in the environment. Old people are usually curious about new people who appear in their environment. Not infrequently, when someone is curious, he tries to find out about the new person somehow. In this case, usually someone is "too quick to judge". There is a kind of estimation "It looks like he's pretentious", "I think he's pretty beautiful", "Looks like he's arrogant". Thinking like that is what we must avoid. Why can we so quickly judge someone we have even known in a matter of months or even days? Just know a year or two does not guarantee we can really know someone, especially in just a matter of months.

2. Being fooled by social media

Don't be easily fooled by other people's social media. Nowadays who doesn't have a social media account? Almost everyone has. The easiest way to "catch" people from social media. Where else? If you ask a friend, the fear will be caught by Kepo. Yes no? Well, the thing we must remember is that social media does not always reflect its users one hundred percent. Let's think, is it possible for someone to spit out everything in his life to his social media account? Does not seem. Even if yes, only a few. Someone tends to sort out what he wants to convey to the public on his social media account. People often judge others only from this virtual world too shallow.

3. Sweet in front, pait behind

In front of sweet, behind bitter? Well, here it is. How many people are sweet in the front but behind laughing or even blaspheming? There may be a statement that "We must be polite to anyone, even to people we don't like". Yes, that opinion is correct, with a note: "We also have to be polite behind not only in front". It's useless to be friendly and be polite in front but behind laughing or even blaspheming. If you don't like it, yes, you and God know enough. Other people you don't need to influence to dislike too. Talking about your friends' shame in front of other friends is a pretty cruel act. Nobody is perfect. You alone do you want to be treated like that treated sweetly in front but behind you are blasphemed?

4. Do selfish

So far, are you sincere? How many people do good not because they really want to do good but just want to be "considered good". Distinguish between "wanting to do good" and "wanting to be considered good". Wanting to do good means being sincere from the heart, indeed you want to do good for others. Want to be considered good means you do good not because of sincerity in your heart, but the desire to be considered good by others. Come on, we think about it again, have we been doing good because we really want to do good or just because we want to be considered good?

5. Envy seeing his own friends succeed

Envy seeing your own friend successfully? Seeing a friend who works, why is it jealous? You should be happy. Having a successful friend should be a motivation for yourself. Maybe there are many people who don't realize that they are jealous. The simplest characteristics of envy are you always criticize your friends who succeed. Why should so? Why not accept seeing other people's happiness? Do not let us feel ourselves the most powerful to the point of not receiving it when we see someone else who is more successful than us.


Never be judgmental. 

No one can really tell what sort of fight somebody is having, and you may never know the whole story behind somebody's activities. Attempt to comprehend before judging. 

 Always remember who helped you in extreme occasions. 

Genuine companions are the individuals who help you when you require it the most, remember about them, they are the ones you need to keep until the end of time. Infrequently, an outsider may assist you with something, or a teacher may assist you with a task; bear in mind these little things, be thankful and pay it back. 

 Never quit your fantasies. 

Be that as it may, recall, you need to work multiple times harder with the end goal to accomplish them. On the off chance that your "fantasy" gives a reason to your life, why stopped? On the off chance that you don't have a fantasy to seek after, this is the ideal opportunity to situate down and expound on something you need to accomplish. 

 Never be materialistic. 

Try not to fixate on stuff cash can purchase, however seek after does things that it can. Love a considerable measure, grin a great deal, have genuine companions, love your family. Regardless, it's constantly imperative to have a solid association with cash; don't give it a chance to control you.


I would highly suggest avoiding using hard drugs like meth, cocaine, and stuff like that as it usually end up leading to a life of crime and poverty. 


Any life or practice that will put you and your loved ones at risk should be avoided. You can only live once, thus you should be very careful of the type of activities that you engage in.

Most of the things that some of us are suffering or will suffer in this life are caused by our actions - either past or present. So if you want to have a great life avoid toxic people, habits and practices


Thinking about what others can trust you during a public place, group, party, school or anyplace

Thinking that if I raise queries or specific myself during a study cluster or employment can create ME look stupid.

Being insincere

Blindly basic cognitive process in others

Suicide thanks to breakups in love- this can be very the foremost idiotic factor to try to to. The boy or lady for whom you would like to die won't even return and spit on your grave. Rather your oldsters and family can suffer the foremost.

Blindly following faith and alternative superstitions

Not being active in leading actions from your aspect - like registration against ineligible things one sees in society.

The most vital factor to avoid is maybe being hypocrital. Why I actually have stressed this doubly is that this can be a giant downside in our society.

folks can tell you that they're the best followers of God, they never say lie and so on. truly several of them in their world is also fully totally different from their image.

Either it's religion or Hollywood or maybe once it involves giving advises, they tend to become bit insincere,

Example- we tend to recommend to others the advantages of exercise however once it involves Us we tend to create many excuses or don't seem to be timely.

Parent who want their kids to follow good habits yet the same parent smoke in the presence of their kids and the biggest downside is that a lot of people are unaware or unwilling to just accept that we tend to be insincere.

Living life either in past or in future.


Never overlook your folks.

They made your identity, they bolstered you fiscally for a long time, and gave you passionate help when you required it. Guardians merit the outmost regard and acclaim, for eternity.

3. Never given anybody a chance to control your life.

Ask why they call it "your life?" Don't let anybody or anything control it. At last, you are its ace, and an amazing creator; it's not worth enabling to another person. Additionally, consider the things that are controlling your everyday, it's not generally individuals that control us, but rather different things, for example, web-based social networking, innovation, and negative behavior patterns.

4. Never dodge your wellbeing.

Attempt to live to the extent that this would be possible, and there is no preferred method to do this over being solid. We should endeavor to be sound in each part of our lives; physically, rationally and inwardly. Feeling great is genuinely a venture.

5. Never put work over family or companions.

I'm not saying to skip work over a gathering, but rather ensure you work when you should, and share time with family and companions when you should. Try not to dawdle with the goal that when you have a party you need to miss it do to work. Make progress toward an equalization in your work and public activity.

6. Never spend more than you procure.

It might sound crazy, however you would be shocked to realize what number of individuals spend more than they procure. Never neglect setting aside some cash and putting resources into your future, you ought to spend brilliant and astute.