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Is smoking really a sin in the bible? How ?

Sin is characterized as an indecent demonstration viewed as a transgression against celestial law. In the event that you accept the heavenly law all in all, it boiled down to two essential standards: 

"'You should love Jehovah your God with your entire heart and with your entire soul and with your entire personality.' This is the best and first decree. The second, similar to it, is this: 'You should love your neighbor as yourself.." - Matthew 22:37– 40. 

In the event that you apply these standards, smoking hookah can without much of a stretch be viewed as corrupt. You are making hurt your own body, a blessing from God that is intended to be a heavenly, living penance to God. That disregards the primary precept. It likewise abuses the second charge of adoring your neighbor. The used smoke is similarly as risky to everyone around you for what it's worth to you. 

The Bible does not specifically make reference to smoking as a transgression, but rather it's unmistakable about what kind of conduct is and isn't worthy to Our Creator.

It depends which branch of Christianity you subscribe to. Some of the more stricter branches, they use the sixth commandment, 'thou shalt not murder' to condone smoking as a sin based on the proven medical damage smoking does albeit over a long period of time.
As I am not religious, I would say that it is an individuals right to smoke as long as it is not affecting anyone else and you are making a fully concious decision about possible effects on your health. Your body, your choice :-)
I am not a minster of GOD or neither am i a pastor but at least i do go to church often,well maybe i have not read the bible well or maybe i donnot know how to interprete the bible very well but from the little i know is that it was not written in the ten commandments that someone should not smoke

I mentioned the ten commandments because this is what i use to measure what is a sin and what is not a sin and if “thou shall not smoke” is not in the ten commandments then i believe in ny own personal beliefs that smoking is not a sin

Now lets bring it down to the moral and health aspect,well smoking cigarette is dangerous to our health according to world health organization so i think smoking might be bad to our health but i do not think it is a sin biblically

Another thing to note is that some people smoke not because they just want to but simply because they needed to do it because of the weather around them
Right off the bat: Smoking is haram (prohibited) and a transgression in Islam. Maybe you realize that all countries of the world – Muslim and Non-Muslim alike – have now begun to battle smoking, since they realize that it is exceptionally destructive. Islam disallows everything that is destructive, on the grounds that the Prophet (peace and gifts of Allah arrive) stated:

"There ought to be no hurting or responding hurt."

Without a doubt there are nourishments and beverages which are gainful and great, and others which are destructive and awful. Allah depicted our Prophet (peace and favors of Allah arrive) in the accompanying terms (elucidation of the importance):

"He permits them as legal At Tayyibaat (i.e. all great and legal as respects things, deeds, convictions, people and sustenances), and forbids them as unlawful 'Al Khabaa'ith' (i.e. all abhorrent and unlawful as respects things, deeds, convictions, people and foods)."- (Quran 7:157)

Is smoking one of the great and legitimate things (al-tayyibaat) or one of the insidious and unlawful things (al-khabaa'ith)?

Besides: it was portrayed that the Prophet (peace and favors of Allah arrive) stated: "Allah prohibits you to exchange talk, to make an excessive number of inquiries and to squander cash." And Allah denied inefficient luxury when He said (elucidation of the significance):

"Also, eat and drink yet squander not by luxury, unquestionably He (Allah) likes not 'Al Musrifoon' (the individuals who squander by extravagance)."- (Quran 7:31)

What's more, He portrayed the slaves of the Most Benevolent as takes after (translation of the significance):

"What's more, the individuals who, when they spend, are neither unrestrained nor tightfisted, however hold a medium (path) between those (extremes)."- (Quran 25:67)

The entire world presently realizes that the cash spent on smoking is to be considered as cash squandered, from which no advantage is picked up; for sure, it is cash spent on something destructive. In the event that the cash which is spent on smoking worldwide were to be gathered, it could have spared whole populaces who have kicked the bucket of starvation. Is there anybody more silly that one who holds a dollar bank note and sets fire to it? What is the contrast amongst him and the person who smokes? To be sure, the smoker is more absurd, in light of the fact that the imprudence of the person who consumes a dollar charge closes there, while the person who smokes consumes his cash and furthermore hurts his body.

Thirdly: What number of catastrophes have been caused by smoking, on account of cigarette butts which are discarded and cause fires. Different catastrophes have been caused in different routes, as when a house was torched with its inhabitants inside, when a man lit his cigarette when there was a gas spill.

Fourthly: Smoking makes harms numerous parts of the body.