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What disgusts you in life?

The negativity of some individual's minds. I really don't get why people throw judgement easily on a simple and uncomplicated thing. This is very rampant and observable on social sites where people tend to see the negative side of every story they see on social media. They are so close minded that they throw bad judgement on every thing without weighing well the good side of it or the other part. Sometimes, I blamed the social media itself for creating such mind controlling tool but as I have looked at it deeply, the problem is on the people for outlooking some important thing in the internet and its usage. If you haven't noticed this, try to scan facebook, instagram, and twitter the whole day. You will see a bunch of pessimistic individuals!


If there's one thing I can't stand, it's vanity, the superficiality of some people! I feel that we live in a world with so many problems that we cannot afford to be banal, superficial. To think that many people keep it by uploading to the net what they eat, what they wear and even what they throw away, seems to me a disrespect for others who have nothing. The mediatic moment, of telecommunications, is making us more and more exhibitionists and less conscious with the others. When we show this series of things, what we want is to show, what peacocks, everything we have and what others do not have. I have seen with great concern how some people, in the middle of the tragedy, are photographing themselves and mounting those images on the net. Then we see people super makeup and smiling next to sick or dead or at the time of an accident. The trivialization of tragedy. 


Hypocrisy should be number one on my list for sure. I am not sure anything disgusts me as much as seeing people especially in the church failing to see the good in others but only the wrong. They are ever present to throw criticisms, judge and condemn all others but themselves. Even people who try to draw even closer to God are pushed away by such people because of their condemning words. They are good at condemning instead of saving. Fast to throw judgment and slow to show mercy. Judging all others but not themselves. Seeing others' wrongs but not their own. Claiming to be perfect but actually the worst sinner of them all.

The second thing will be prostitution for me. It really is a disgusting thing for me every time i think of people who sleep with so many others for money. Selling your pride and integrity for money is what i can't help but fill disgusted at the mere thought of it. It really has that effect on me but don't get me wrong i feel disgusted at prostitution but try not to be disgusted by prostitutes. There is always a story behind it so i hate the act and not the actors...

Hope this helps..


Alot, but for now, il say what came first in my mind. Pathological liars.

People who naturally lie when they don't even have too.

They lie too much to an extent that they start believing their own lies. I cant stand a friend, colleague and anyone near me that posses this character. I cut them off, immediately.


Many Things Disgusts me in Life. I will enumerate Few in their order of Importance.

IGNORANCE. It infuriates me when I discover that I know little or Not enough about issues.

OTHERS IGNORANCE. I am infuriated when others Exhibit Ignorance, but claim Knowledge!!

ATHEISM . Nothing Disgust me as much as People Denying the Existence of a Supreme Power Source Whose Benevolence Enables Their Existence.

EVIL AGAINST ANOTHER This disgusts me beyond Imagine. I can't but stay away from such person's as much as possible.


Prejudice and Skin Color segregation. 

Regardless of where on earth you are and regardless of where you go , in case you're an ethnic minority you know it won't be long until you kept running into inconveniences, or inconveniences keep running into you. 

Presently clearly, being a minority you generally attempt to be set up to confront whatever segregation anticipating for you yet now and then you're simply found napping and that is when things normally deteriorate. 

My own meaning of bigotry and separation dependent on skin shading is that a few people need to deliberately spread loathe, they want to express scorn more than anything and they appreciate tossing shade at outsiders for little more than being unique. Being an outsider.