Would life be interesting if there was no challenges?

I think life would be boring if there were no challenges. In my opinion, life is all about challenges and learning from them. It's hard to believe a life without any challenge - all you will be doing is just sitting ideal i.e. not exploring new things in life if there are no challenges. I, feel the challenges makes you strive for success and work more hard to get all things you have ever wanted. 

Elaborating further on how challenges make a difference in the life of a person:-

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- challenges in life act as a bridge to success - Yes, challenges in life will teach you many things. It will force you to go that extra mile in achieving all your desires. If there aren't challenges in life I think life will come to stand still as you will not have anything to go out for to achieve it. 

- we don't grow when things are easy - it's that simple and easy without challenges in hand you will not come out from your comfort zone. Hence its rightly said that in order to grow in life and climb the ladder of success face the challenges that come in your way and these challenges will help you grow and succeed as they teach you in all your way towards the success.

- challenges in life bring the creativity out of you - I'm talking about the innovation here. Its the challenges of life that results in innovation and if there aren't any challenges simply there would be no innovation. Simply put in this way - the Lightbulb was invented by Sir Thomas Edison and he took this challenge that he is going to solve the problem of the dark. He failed many a time before inventing the lightbulb.

- A famous proverb fits here as well No pain, no gain:   you face challenges and solve the problem you gain and vice versa. In simple words in order to achieve anything, you first need to put in all the efforts, work hard and as a result, you will notice that you were able to achieve the success because of all the hard work and exploring things. 

Hence challenges may give you pain for a short duration leading you to put in that extra effort - but the gain you get is enormous and also you become famous and get all the fame, status and of course money for all your hard work. So life is all about challenges that teach you in every part of your journey to becoming successful and a good human being.


I would have to say that life would not be interesting without the challenges.  

As a school social worker, my day is full of challenges.  These may include understanding a student's behavior to getting a parent to be more involved.  This is the part of my job that I find most interesting.  If every problem I was faced with had an easy solution, I am not sure I would love my job as much as I do.

Also, on a personal level, I think that challenges make you a better person.  Being able to work though life's challenges and find a solution impacts you as a person and makes you stronger.  It also makes you more apt to try and face more challenges with confidence, rather and just give up when life becomes hard.  

Challenges make us stronger and more emphatic to those people we meet that are facing difficult challenges.


If there is no challenge in life, you will never know what you are capable of doing. Life is beautiful. We all want to be happy. But life is not always like butterfly, rainbows and sunshine. There are many problems in life you have deal with. 

I know no one likes problem. But you have to move through unfavorable situation sometimes. It is what it is. Sometimes you have to face such things that you have never ever imagined before. 

You want to grow and do something better in the future. To do that, you have to get out of your comfort zone and face the challenge. Only facing the challenge, you will be stronger and know how to deal with tough situation with confidence. 

Life would be boring without challenges. There are day and night. If there was only day, we would not know the importance of day. We have night. That's why, we know and value day. 

There are always positive and negative. You have to be positive because there is negativity out there. If there is only positive things, you don't have to be positive. By default, you will be positive. 

So life would be interesting if there was challenge, I think.


An existence without difficulties would maybe loot each accomplishment of its charms. Envision the awards that I get in course of my activity having accomplished something admirably ,had they originated from useless work or maybe through ripping apart on another person's substance; they would have never made me feel like a million bucks !! A lion's a piece of this bliss that I feel , originates from realizing that I have some aptitude that is having an important effect some place. This "vibe great" factor that accompanies confronting a test would have been missing if everything in life were that simple. 

Having said that there are times when my endeavors have not worked in face of a test and I have needed to make tradeoffs en route. In any case, and still, at the end of the day I had the fulfillment of realizing that I attempted my dimension best and went down battling and not surrendering. 

One truth that I have acknowledged in life is this-that little minute in which you choose whether to ascend to a test or turn back, has a significant effect among progress and failure,living and existing.


Life would not exist without challenges.

For every thing you feel, see, hear, touch or smell, you think. You think about WHAT, WHY, WHEN, HOW. In small or big form, situations and things are presented as challenges for mind to ponder about. If nothing intrigues you in any possible way, you are probably in coma.

If you have seen the movie Wall.E, you can recall how the humans became these obese-human-sloths who move around in their automated chairs and drink cola all day. The biggest offset in the movie climax is when the spacecraft is changed from auto-pilot mode to manual mode and they return back to earth. I was sitting on my couch, cringing my teeth and saying"Common, how long does it take you to switch from auto to manual mode". It was a good 5 minute scene, lol. But I know somewhere there is a truth to it, it saddens me how much we are dependent on things we created, especially mobile phones. Well, that is the beginning of what it looks like if we are not presented with challenges.