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Why Stinc undelegated SP from many dapps running on Steem?

Based on what Steemit Inc. CEO Ned Scott has been saying in the last two interviews, it sounds like there's some repositioning of their stake taking place, and it might not only involve the largest portion of it, which is the actual Steemit account, but all of it.

However, the one account principally being used for delegation, aptly named misterdelegation, still has many dApps and other concerns that it's delegating to. So far, five accounts receiving delegations have been revoked.

Meanwhile, the Steemit account has already sent over a million STEEM to Bittrex, with another 44 million SP potentially powered down over the next couple of weeks. 

Also, it's been claimed (though I have not heard this) that Steemit Inc has decided to concentrate on the dApps that they feel add the most value to STEEM. That might be true, but I'm not sure if that's why the delegations were taken back. Since there's been no specific word by any of the parties, Steemit Inc., Musing, dsound and sndbox, we're still in the dark about how those dApps will proceed going forward.

I don't know much about dsound, but just from observing the other two, sndbox appears to be full speed ahead, while Musing has not upvoted more than 10 users since losing the delegation last Saturday, partly due to low VP and waiting for it to replenish, but now it's been over 24 hours since that occurred, and only four upvotes in the intervening time.

So far, the rest of the Steemit delegations appear to be intact. I would imagine we'd know sooner than later if those will be revoked as well.