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Will musing.io allow advertisements on its platform in near future?

It is actually a wonderful question. I also had the same thought in mind. It will be great if we can introduce advertisements in musing platform. Of course we are on top of Steem Blockchain and our rewards are fully dependent in Steem, it will be nice to introduce an additional revenue source. From the latest report, we can see that musing is doing really good in Google search as well. If we can introduce AdSense to musing, at least we will be able to handle server maintenance cost and other costs.

AdSense can be a great addition to musing to increase the potential revenue. As of now the curators and the founders are not taking anything out of musing. They are not getting any revenue generated except the income from curation reward. The Curation reward is definitely not going to be enough. This is definitely a great suggestion that @jonching should consider implementing. An additional revenue for page views and clicks can really be a great advantage for growth.

At the same time we should also consider few things:

- Musing.io delegators should be happy about this decision to introduce revenue from ads.

- If at all ads are introduced, it should be of light weight and should not disturb user experience.

- Affiliate programs can also be taken as another option. Instead of AdSense musing can use affiliate programs to generate revenue. That will not have any great impact on user experience.

- Our competitor Quora has not taken the decision to use AdSense or any affiliate program. That can be both advantage as well as disadvantage to them. Advantage because they maintain a good reputation by not allowing any ads. Disadvantage because they are missing the revenue opportunity.

- If ads or affiliate programs are introduced the users should be happy about it. Maybe their opinion can be listened by introducing a polling option in the website. Based on the votes decision can be made.

Above are my views and suggestions on this question. I will leave the rest to the founder to decide. If at all we decide to introduce additional revenue program for the benefit of musing, several parameters should be considered before taking the decision.


This is left to be seen, however I don't know the limit of the steem dapps decentralized and I don't know if showing Ads on the musing.io platform will spell a show of total independence off steemit.com and this will not be a good thing. The future is left to be seen, however I think the coming of the SMTs will usher in a period of ad marketing on steemit.com and I believe if this SMTs coming does this then musing.io will.

I don't think musing.io will independently make advertisement possible on the platform without steemit.com adopting it first, the situation is like the bitcoin hold over steem, I know that musing.io is a decentralised app, but I also think decentralised has limit to it's autonomous as well.

My point is definitely yes we may advertising marketing on the musing.io platform but it may have to be powered via steemit because like it or not musing.io still functions via the steem blockchain.

Ad marketing is a complicated process and also very delicate and rigorous and we do not know what the future may hold for steemit and I believe steemit and all it's dapp will grow together, but not experience growth separately, musing.io may not embrace ad marketing if steemit.com hasn't.

However I see potentiality as well and with time ad marketing will be possible after the coming of the SMT and musing.io will be the favourable dapp to adopt this because it will see millions of traffic as a result of it's potential capability to have prospective futuristic engagements.


This actually is a pretty good question. Well I'm not part of Musing but I will not be surprised if @jonching do allow advertisements on Musing.io in the near future.

In case some of you haven't noticed yet, all answers/questions posted to Musing now shows: " View this answer on Musing" instead of the default text answer. The main reason for this change was to save Musing's SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  as it will almost always treat Steemit.com as the original source of the post and not Musing.io, thereby throwing Steemit.com's link on the Google Search Result instead of Musing's link.

This change can be interpreted in three ways: 

One, Musing wants outside people to know about the platform Musing.io

Two, Musing is saving the platform's SEO for a possible new feature in the near future like the one you mentioned (Allowing Advertisements). 

First Page on Google Search Result = More people who will check and click the link = More money from advertisers

Third, Or Both.

So yeah! While I am aware that the whole point of the Steem Blockchain is decentralization like Free of Ads and ability to not censor anyone. I for one think that it is not unlikely for Musing to allow advertisements in the near future seeing as they are trying to save the platform's SEO.

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It can be, but I'm not sure. I just think that once musing has more traffic and more users, they may opt to some premium options and also support some advertisers to use the platform (that's normal in this world). However, I do believe that their way of monetizing the platform will give the best experience to user, not a site full of ads everywhere.


Fine question, but one best asked here: https://steempeak.com/introduceyourself/@jonching/a-new-era-for-musing-io of @jonching himself.  It should be noted that he already managed to secure investment and professional industry advisers.  All optimal forward-looking opportunities will no doubt be evaluated.


Eventually all Steem front ends will do that. It will simply be too lucrative to fail to do because of the high volume of traffic. Or it could be a last ditch effort to keep an app financially afloat in case the price of STEEM falls low enough. I don't believe Musing to be any different. 

The Steem blockchain has some tens of thousands of unique users interacting with it on a monthly basis. That is a very low number. The ad revenue generated now would be pitifully low. It would simply not be worth it. The development of the platform is only at an early stage where developers and content producers are paid out of the pockets of investors. Developers are the most important people of the platform at this stage. They will build the infrastructure necessary for future expansion. 

When the consuming masses have killer apps at their disposal, they will come. Steemit Inc has been working hard in the last year to upgrade the blockchain to make scaling possible. Resource Credits were a necessary tool to enable the separation of voting power and access to network resources. Any power users or apps with their massive SP delegations will be able to onboard new users independently when the code for the market for Resource Credits has been deployed. All the building blocks for mass expansion will probably be in place 1-2 years from now. 

Steem and its apps will move from an investor-funded phase to an external revenue funded model gradually over the next few years. I predict that the most popular apps will attract advertisers and paid promoters first because of their ability to reach a wide audience.