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Some people are born in rich families, some are beautiful, some have great luck and many has opposite to it, is life plays a fair game with us?

We can all look at a world that is all the difference and inequality between humans. Per capita income for some in advanced countries is $ 20,000 a year, while per capita income in some developing countries is $ 1,000 or less. In some African countries, life expectancy is 45 years, while in Japan the average age is 80 years. Some countries provide free education to their children, while in some countries poor people must save money for a long time to pay for their children's education.

Let's think again. A smoker lives in an excellent health condition and dies at age 80. One may have an IQ 140 and can easily study lessons and education, while another person can force their units with IQ75. A family may live in a house of 8 bedrooms that has a golf course while the other family lives in a small two-bedroom house in the dirtiest area of ​​the city. These contradictions continue.

Perhaps we can not fully understand why these contradictions exist. Something tells us that this is not right, it's not fair, it's not fair. We say that life is not just for those who are ill, poor or harassed. How can we live in this complex world? I must confess that these kinds of questions have come to my mind many times, without being able to find a definitive answer to that. But only God knows the reason. Although we may not have a response to it, we can trust God to show you a few small references to find out the cause of this situation.

First, as in the Bible, we live on a cursed earth (Gospel, Genesis 19-17: 3). This curse does not disappear until we enter the new heaven and the new earth. This is a deserted world and we see this all over the world. Even though we live here, the impact of sins means that some people must live in poverty and misery, illness and oppression. This situation must be tolerated so that the messenger of Allah will eliminate all of it and allow his loyal children to enter a new land that is all good and clean.

Secondly, sometimes God allows for his own purposes inconvenient and unpleasant events. During the prophet's time, many of their parents did not lose their children, they did not suffer loss of land and herds, and did not tolerate the terrible pain. However, Job, who "was innocent, honest, godfeared, and deviated from the devil," endured all this. It did not look just. And Job felt all this injustice. Neither Job nor his friends knew anything about the previous confrontation between God and Satan. It seemed to them that it was totally unfair that a clean man suffered such a pain. How could God allow such a thing? This was the same problem that the Asaf of the Prophet was with the handmaid. Only when he was able to see the spiritual and eternal approach of the welfare of the oppressors and the suffering of the devotees who could see everything in the eyes of God. Third, when we see all the suffering in the world, such as poverty, illness and torture of certain people, we know that God has in mind something higher than what we can see. Perhaps God is trying to attract the attention of those who suffer, those who are determined to suffer so much pain as to understand repentance and the freedom of forgiveness.

Fourth, when we see the inequalities of the world, we can understand that God has given such reasons for some reason. He does not always tell us what he does or does not do. In the Bible, the Torah states: "The mystery is in the hands of the Lord, but the things that are revealed are ours and our sons, so that we can see all the words of this law" (Second Book, 29:29). While it may not tell us why it allows a child to be born with HIV-infected parents in a remote rural village in Africa, and another baby with the highest levels of health in the luxury embrace of the richest family in America, but we know it. That God knows everything. And we must let him be god and do whatever he wants.

Last, perhaps because God allows the inequality in the world to allow us to see our eyes for something better and better in the future. Human beings have been suffering with pain, suffering, rejection and many illnesses, seeking eternal peace alongside God. When they see the misfortunes of the world, their hearts are narrowed to Paradise. Their pain and discomfort are healed only by the notion of bliss.

In spite of the difficult conditions that we may face, we must trust God. There are many experiments that we can not understand, but we must know that God knows everything and this can calm our thought. Prophet Solomon says, "Trust in God from the bottom and do not rely on your perception. Thanks in any way to him, and he will pave the way for you. " Let's trust God where our minds do not understand it.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps


Honestly I wouldn't say life is fair but more like it tries to balance things out.

As per your example: People who are born into rich families are often not very united as a family because they focus mostly on work, their businesses and trying to maintain their wealth as oppose to poor-to-average families who have a lot of chance to connect with each other due to them living in an average-sized house.

People who are beautiful/handsome might look like they have it easy, but the most common problem they face is finding a true and real partner. It is no hidden fact that people are attracted to beauty and that is why for this people they really need to test first if it's not only the physical appearance or lust the other party wants and feels about them.

Not really sure if this is a good example of people who have great luck but for simplicity's sake, people who have won the lottery. True they are somewhat blessed at one point in their life but if they don't know how to manage the money nor know who to trust, then their winnings could be gone in less than 5 years. 

So in a way, nature tries to balance things out. 


Life seems unfair, especially if we are born with difficult conditions, lack of economy, bad looks, unless we win in many ways, then we all surely feel life is unfair. There are those who live easily and get things easily, environments that are more peaceful and supportive, more families are, greater opportunity to achieve education / work / ideals and others.

But that does not mean we have to live this unjust life, the more we demand the world to be fair, the more sad we will be because justice has never existed from the beginning. The World of Play with different rules, rules that make sense but are a little confusing and less comfortable to hear, by why many people never understand.

1. We Believe that life is a choice. Indeed life is a choice but we cannot choose to be born where, when we were born, who our family is, our physical appearance, our physical appearance, and things that are destined for us.

Almost everyone around the first 15-20 years of his life is not their choice, but the accumulation of parental / family, school, environmental and social direction. Life is a choice our optional name is limited to a certain age we are free to determine our own destiny.

2. Life is a Competition

We often hear that we are not competing with others, the biggest enemy is ourselves, we must defeat ourselves, and so on until we finally realize that we must be better than others to win.

We all live in competition, even though we are not aware of it. An achievement / success must still be measured / compared with others, it may sound uncomfortable and strange, but think if your goal of success is wealthy for example having 100 billion in money (just an example) but everyone around you can earn 10 trillion in income, still you are proud of that achievement? Can it be called success.

3. We are Assessed from What We Do, Not What We Think

Society Assess someone from what they can do for others. We are all judged by what we do, but we judge ourselves based on our thoughts. We judge ourselves that "I am a good person", "," I am better ... ", but the world does not judge us like that, and our judgment about ourselves is not important.

4. The concept of justice is our own mind

we all have the right and wrong thoughts and hope the world is in line with our minds.

Sometimes we feel other people are stupid, unfair, unintelligent, and evil because they don't think with us.

We demand that they have to think with us. Why? Because we are entities of truth that need not be questioned again. questioned again.

Sometimes it is true that there are people / figures who are wrong because they are not as thoughtful as us, it does not mean they are completely wrong / evil, but some people just try to live life as best as possible with the situation / position that is different from our situation.

Why Is Life Unfair?

Justice is just one of the ideals of human thought, let us think a little and turn the question back into:

What if life is fair for everyone ...?

Isn't life a bushel if life is "Fair / Fair" according to our idealism, all good people must be successful, everyone who is in high school must be successful, those who work hard must be successful.


I do not believe that life favours some people and decided to be unfair to some certain people,i strongly

believe that every one on earth have faced or will face challenges in life and the ability to overcome the

challenges is what makes one to become successful in life,the irony of it is that those you think that life favoured

them also have their own stories to tell and it when you hear their own story that you will realize that life itself

has dealt with most people but the ability to stay focused and determination is what will determine your

fate in regards to whether life will favour you or otherwise....

always remember that “life is a teacher,the more we live the more we learn”...enjoy your day....


There was this word in life called "LUCK"

It is true that being born in a rich family was considered lucky and being born in a poor family wasn't considered.

But come to think of it, life doesn't always depend on the LUCK. We still need to make our effort to became what we want.

For me, we are all equal. We all have the chance to became rich, despite on how hard we can obtain this goal - still we are allowed to became rich.

It isn't impossible for a poor kid became rich someday, investing of his efforts and hardwork are the things that only differs.

I do have this kind of thinking in life

"There were the chance rule in life, we have these

  1. There were 30% chance that I will become rich
  2. There were 70% chance that I became rich
  3. there were 10% chance that I will become rich"

Those were just 3 examples of the chance rule, if I would elaborate more we would end up having 100 items in the list (assuming that there were no decimal percentage)

Too many choices that would make your mind explode, so I came up on my rule

"One way or another rule / 50:50 Rule"

I do believe that we only have 2 choices in life, either choose life or death, either choose left or right, win or lose, up or down, either becoming rich or becoming poor

This concludes that 2 choices only exist, 50:50 chance, let's don't waste our time solving some mathematical equations to compute the percentage of success to our every actions. Thus let us use that time to come up on an idea that will help us succeed.


Yes, I accept that life is unfair...

But why can't it ever be unfair in my favour?!😾


That's just the way life is, you can't blame it on anyone or anything, because many times we don't realize what we do to earn what we do, sometimes it's deserved and other times it's not but it just happens, I'll tell you my story, life hit me very hard when I had my first child, it turned out to be autistic, and this just happened, for no apparent reason, it's something that happens, and it cost me a lot to understand that, because I always wondered why, I understood that it only happens, and all this is art of life, the issue here is the attitude with which you face life, always willing to fight, as a soldier in war, and I assure you that you'll be better off, it's a matter of attitude.


No certainly not. Imagine being born in a slum. What hope do you have? I was fortunate enough to be born in a country that does not place religion high up the agenda which means I do  not have to pray 3 times a day and fast for a month. Phew. The best place to be born is probably a scandanavian country , Europe or the states. You immediately get a head start because the standard of living is way above average.