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What causes constipation?

Constipation occurs when the bowels of humans is involved in a state whereby evacuations are difficult and infrequent.

Constipation can also occur when our intestines becomes filled with hardened faeces. That is when it is being said that one has constipation. It makes one feel uncomfortable.

Constipation can also be known as costiveness.

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There are many causes of constipation.

Firstly, when there is no enough water in the body as lack of enough water can also cause constipation so we need to be drinking a lot of water day by day. At least 8 glasses of water per day will really help in reducing constipation.

Secondly, pregnancy. Pregnant women's are tend to experience constipation than others that are not pregnant as the pregnancy also can result to constipation.

Lastly, when there is stress. When been stressed out also can cause constipation and it is advisable for us to always try to find time for ourselves to rest. Rest is really important for the body and our health and so resting should not be neglected.

There are also many causes of constipation but this ones mainly cause constipation at times.


Constipation occurs in the digestive system;where an individual has difficulty in expelling hard faeces.