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What are the qualities of a great teacher?

In my opinion, I think there are 3 qualities that a teacher must have in order to be great.


You can't teach what you do not know. Hence, knowledge is an important quality for any teacher.


Knowing your stuff doesn't mean you know how to impart your knowledge. And that's why I think empathy plays an important role. Good teachers follow a curriculum and stick by the books. Great teachers understand every student and tailor their teaching style to suit each student. In order to do this, you need to understand how each student feel. Learn about their problems and difficulties. This requires a lot of empathy.

**Growth mindset**

Learning is a never-ending journey. This is something which I think great teachers will all agree. And in order to keep learning, you need to have growth mindset. The key thing here is to teach students how to learn on their own and encourage them to keep learning. Great teachers with a growth mindset will be able to lead by example and become the inspiration for students.


Research shows that the most important in determining the quality of education received by a child is the teacher. the most complex work today, requires extensive knowledge of subject matter, caring, and love for subjects, disciplinary knowledge and classroom management techniques, is the desire to make a difference in the lives of young people in the future. With all the qualities needed, it is not difficult to find a great teacher. Great teachers master the subject matter and demonstrate expertise in the subjects they teach and spend time continuing to gain new knowledge. They present material in an enthusiastic way and instill curiosity in their students to learn more independently.


1. Loving children

The factor of loving children with all their heart, like it or not must be owned by a teacher. This is the main capital of a teacher. Teachers who love their students will always try to make their students happy with a fun learning process.

2. Understanding the socio-cultural background of students

By understanding the background of students, teachers can easily develop and choose teaching methods and techniques. The right teaching methods and techniques can facilitate students in absorbing knowledge and understanding what values ​​will be invested.

The teacher's understanding of the background of students should not give rise to discrimination in the learning process but must result in deep understanding for the teacher in viewing his students as unique individuals / individuals who have their own characteristics. Here the teacher develops an attitude of respecting the existence of each individual student along with their strengths and weaknesses.

3. Stable emotional stability

A teacher must be able to control emotions when dealing with students. This is important to support the creation of a fun learning process. A friendly face, friendly words can create a comfortable learning atmosphere without pressure.

There is no benefit for a surly teacher, saying harshly, and arrogantly. This can lead to dislike of students and even often lead to hatred towards teachers which leads to students not liking the subjects taught by the teacher.

The teacher also must avoid punishment that is not educative and excessive, both punishments that hurt physically and non-physically. Remember, there are many events where students behave impolite and insolent because they imitate the behavior patterns of the teacher.

4. Has motivational power

Teachers with character will be able to convince their students that they have the potential to change towards a better, can move from poverty and ignorance, and can live better and successful in the future through learning.

Motivation for students must be continuously instilled so that they grow in self-confidence that they can be great, independent, smart and have a bright future.

5. Love the teaching profession

Teachers who love their profession will devote all their attention, expertise, and intellect to serving in the world of education. He will try his best to do the best for his students diligently and firmly. The teacher must have loyalty, high responsibility for his profession and be responsible for achieving the educational goals to be achieved.


I believe that one of the best ways to learn how to teach is so simple, like it is to be a student, but isn't only to see classes, everything is about the meaning of learning, a good teacher used to be a good student who studied looking for the because about what you're doing.

A teacher must be passionate and love what he does and the most important of all, must be patient and creative for looking for the way to the others understand.