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Do you think good questions are more important than the good answers to make musing.io the top Q&A platform?

Thanks for the good question!

Looking at the question from a purely analytical perspective, good questions spawn good answers, so, while I don't think one is particularly "more important", it would stand to reason that without a good base of quality questions, it's pretty hard to have a good supply of quality answers.

They go hand in hand, just like weight training needs proper sleep and nutrition, so to a good answer requires a good question.

I am sure that if musing continues its trend of making updates and upgrades the way it has to date, and rewards it's growing roster of regular question and answer providers we will indeed continue to see our base of high quality question contributors expand.

As this core/base of quality questions grows, the quality of answers will improve as more and more skilled writers and experts in their fields come on board and more answers are given for each well thought out question, allowing the also expanding readership/voter pool to be more "picky" with their votes.

Just today, I saw an "improved" question that I had already answered.

As in, the original question was poorly formatted, although understandable.

The new one was direct and perfectly formatted, and I was tempted to answer it again.

I didn't, but, I am going to start being more picky about what questions I answer based on how well it is formatted.

What's that called, I wonder, "organic q and a improvement"?

Here's to both better questions and better answers as we grow together.

E-GO 2018

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No, I don't think one is more important than the other. In fact, in order for Musing.io to be the top Q&A platform it must provide both: good questions and good answers. Otherwise, it could potentially alienate one half of its potential user base. 

In order for Musing.io to be the top Q&A platform, there are two things that it must be able to do equally well: provide quality answers to the people who need them, and to ask intelligent questions that it's users will need to provide quality answer. Prioritizing one (either questions or answers) will just prioritize one group, while alienating the other. 

Let's consider Quora, for example. I discovered that platform years ago, not because I was looking for good questions, but because I already had a question in mind that needed an answer. So, I did a Google search and one of the results was a Quora page. I clicked the link, which was a good thing because it actually had a very good answer in it. After that, I have been  using Quora's search function to look for answers to my questions. You see, I don't answer questions in Quora. I'm simply a reader, so, for me, it was the answer that mattered.

However, consider the flipside, the person who wrote the answer that I found. He or she wouldn't have been able to write that answer, if the question wasn't asked, in the first place. So, for him or her, it was the question that was more important.  

In this sense, saying one is more important than the other will just alienate either the people who are looking for good answers or those who need good questions they can answer. 

So, for Musing.io to be the top Q&A platform, it cannot consider one more important the other. Instead, good answers and good questions must be seen as two sides of the same coin, which Musing.io need to be on top. 


Absolutely, without good questions we cant get good answers! I think good answers are based on research and personal experience and opinion and answers which cant simply be given by cutting and pasting from wikipedia!

To get these good answers though, we need to have good questions. Questions like 'what is steem' are simply invites to give the factual response However, if people were to ask, 'how do allow yourself to grieve after a bereavement' for example, then we can learn a lot from the response which would be more personal and combined with  common knowledge.

This way we can share and learn together in cooperation with each of us helping the others and this in turn in a small way makes the world a slightly more peaceful place!

Good question by the way lol ;-)


Good questions with good answers is what makes this

platform wonderful so both good questions and answers are reallt necessary if we really want this

platform to grow,if there are no good questions then

there will be no good answers so that is why questions and answers on this platform needs to be meaningul ao

that it will make this platform to be a very great platform...


Partly true!

Anyone can ask questions but answering with one’s thinking is more valuable and different views gives more value


Of course! You can't give an eye-catching or useful reply to a silly or irrelevant question.