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What is Steemfest?

Consider it as your secondary school meetup. Good. This is more than that. Steemfest is a meeting of steemians all over the globe. Steemfest is organized by @roelandp and two fest's have been successfully organized.

The first in 2016 took place in Amsterdam while the second one in 2017 took place in Lisbon. The 2018 Steemfest is scheduled to take place in Krakow Poland. It is a five days event starting from 7-11 November this Year. Not just a meet-up, you can build friendship, have fun, relate with your favourite steemian, build ideas and also explore the city of Krakow.

In order to participate at this year Steemfest, you can visit steemfest.com to get your ticket and more information about it. You sure don't want to miss out in the largest gathering of Steemians in a location.