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What would happen to musing if @jonching decided to abandon the project?

Not likely to happen, as musing is a success with a bright future on the Steem Blockchain. This would make no sense as a business move. .


That would be a very slim chance of happening as musing is growing and doing very well. Musing has a bright future and with SMT's coming it wouldn't be  a smart move.

If @jonching decided to call it quits I am sure there would be  a queue of people clambering to purchase it from him. It is a running project that is growing bigger each day and not may projects get this far.

@jonching is the brains and back bone of musing and I cant see it happening any time soon.


Well, it's a nice question!!!

I don't think such would happen, because Jonching still want to take Musing far.

Let's assume that he decided to abandon this project of Musing... Musing will not suffer, it will still be functioning, but it may not be asgood before...,

But I'm pretty sure he wouldn't leave his project, if he does, maybe he is working on another biggger project better than Musing or project that he thinks it requires absolute attention. And he would rather sell it to another person who seemed to be interested in it (and such must have a lot of money)



@jonching cannot abandon the project because the project is a laudable. Musing has a very bright future and I believe that the initiator of this project has a vision for the project.

Let's assume that he decides to abandon the project, it would be his loss because I would share in the benefits that the project would bring in the future. Musing is a very nice project and I see it competing with the likes of quora and Yahoo answer in the nearest future