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How to be a good writer?

To be a good writer, you need to put yourself in circumstances where writing comes to you naturally. Your location, mood and passion will help you write good and quality content.

- Do you like typing? Or do you actually like to write on paper?

- What are some topics that really interest you?

- Can you consider yourself an expert in that area?

- Who are some of your favorite writers? How do they write?

Answer these questions and then just START WRITING. Practice makes anything perfect and when you spend hundreds of hours writing and editing, your writing skills will improve. You will be able to write faster and know how to capture value.

You also don't need to finish writing a post or article in one go. Take breaks frequently to recharge your brain and ideas. Do proofreading of what you write and know how to organize your writing content. Know the tone of your writing. Know who your target audience should be. Writing is one area where you will need lots of time and commitment to be really good.


There are myriads ways of becoming a good writer but first

-Focus: and ask why u want to be a writer, where is the idea coming from? Are you being pushed? Or it coming naturally.

-Inspirition: writing is one of the best way to communicate after music, what inspires you to write? There should be lest you haven't figured it out.

-passion: most people who write have passion for it from the onset. But may be later monetize it. Your primary aim shouldnt be money.

Practice, persistence and perfection; be sure to write the same write up for umpteenth times squeezing and tossing away papers before finally getting it all right.....

Editing: this is very important but most writer ignore this as they feel their wont be a need for editing their work sinse they feel too proud. dont be shy rome was not built in a day, always give your write up to people better than you in writing for corrections or other people for reading sake, this will help you alot.

If you have all these welcome onboard writer!


how to be a good and good writer

1. Writing Intentions and Noble Missions

First of all, know the intention. Being a famous writer and his works as a best seller is a natural ambition. But it would be better if the intention to write for worship and kindness.

2. Practice Writing Every Day

If someone wants to be a runner, then you must run diligently. A swimmer diligently works and the singer diligently practices singing. Likewise a writer, must be diligent in writing. "Practice Make Perfect", practice always makes us better.

3. Read at least 3 books per week

Diligent reading, is one of the capital and important factors to become a reliable writer. By reading, we can learn how an author expresses his thoughts.

4. Diligently Observing and Traveling

Science and insight can not only be obtained from writing, but can also be obtained by observing everything around us. Pay attention to nature and travel for example. Apparently, many things around us that can be material to be observed starting from social and religious life, human behavior, conflict, or travel experience can also add to our reference in writing.

5. Never feel great

When a work is appreciated, do not then become arrogant and big head then begin to be reluctant to learn. A great writer, never feels enough. When the work is praised, it's good for us to continue learning to gain new insights and produce works that are far more extraordinary.

6. Writing Dreams

One inspiration, obtained through the dreams that filled his sleep.

7. Not deterred from sending to publishers

Giving up is a fatal thing that can lead to failure for a writer. In sending work to the media or, it takes patience and continuity. Famous writers have also experienced rejection and fallen up. If they give up, maybe we won't be able to read the great works they have produced to date.