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Which Profession Is More Beneficial To Mankind : A Research Professor Or A Soccer Star; Why Is The Latter More Popular Than The Former?

I will not be conformed to the fact that we all have to make parallel choices I think this is a question of black or white and in all sincerity of opinion research professor would be more beneficial to mankind it is a question of «need and want" while I will consider a soccer star "a want" I will consider a research professor as a need so basically we all we definitely make due of the two but when push comes to shove then I'll definitely say a research professor will bring scientific changes to health problems, food problems and other kind of challenges that may be facing mankind this is definitely a need for the smooth existence of humanity of which we definitely cannot do without although I considered this my opinion but isn't this opinion pointing to a perception that humanity's existence is far more important than its pleasures and entertainment?

The reason why the latter is more popular than the former is because research works are being done in laboratories enclosed laboratories where people are not even allowed to enter why soccer is played in front of up to 70000 people there are so many discoveries by people that we do not even know about that is actually helping humanity however the fact that we do not know these people it's not because we do not wish to know them but the truth is that these people are not being televised on television and radios or satellite while the money, merchandise and endorsements being brought about by soccer and football is always televised for the entertainment of people. Needless to say people wants to see entertainment and not the breakthrough of science and technology we keep hearing rumours of treatments and ailments of diseases that used to be incurable but people are uncertain and unsure, because these things are not made public on televisions and radios and even newspapers for the populace to consume but when you see a major transfer of a football star it is always everywhere on tabloids and newspaper.

So humanity knows what it needs and it knows what it wants and these different categories mankind is trying so hard to bridge the divide , so in earnest I think I will choose a research professor because I think it is what the world needs and if I am to make it scale of preference I will definitely start from what I need down to what I want so my scale of preference may be different from other people's but in the end it all boils down to choices


Giving a strict answer as right or wrong would be very controversial to me. 

We are living in a world full of parallel choices. I may choose to be a Professor or would respect them most. But other half of the world can died for a soccer player.

I also could not answer it like which profession have more value to us. As I said earlier it depends on our choice. And as you clearly can see that today's people are more attracted to the second one. 

But on the point of mankind, I must approve that from my opinion the first one have move value and necessity than the second one. They are the people who makes the would running by science, technology and thousands of other field of their work.

But we also have to approve the entertainment value of certain thing. It is what making people love their life, gives them sprit to work. Without it how could they spend their 24 hours, I am wondering.

People may respect the professors and approve their work value. But they always do not want to talk about it. It is very normal. Their work would not give them any benefits directly or rapidly.

On the other hand soccer or other example can be used, could give them the mental happiness. That's the reason they love to follow them, become fan of their work and support them most.

I wish my answer helps you.

Stay blessed.