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Can Anybody Create A Decentralised Crypto: Why Haven't You ?

It's one thing to launch a cryptocurrency. It's another thing to have a solid project that provides a use case for the cryptocurrency

It's very easy to create a new token on Waves and Bitshares. However, formulating a use case, pulling together a team, drawing roadmap and plans, getting investors... All of these are pretty daunting and time consuming

Unless you're simply trying to promote a scam or launch a cryptocurrency just for the fun of it, you need to give it serious though before you get involved

And that's why I haven't launched any yet. I don't have a problem I want to solve with cryptocurrency and I don't have the inclination to launch a token just for the fun of it


There are lots of technicalities involved in creating a decentralized crypto. you have to have a project, plan the token economy, think on how to bring the project to reality by either programming it yourself or seeking the services of programming experts, you need to consider the cost involved, you need to think on how to launch the project and get support for it, etc. The process of creating a decentralized crypto is actually very cumbersome and can't be done by everyone.

It's not just enough to create a crypto project, will such project be relevant to everyday life and gain support? Creating a crypto is not easy at all


Anyone, who have the Know-How or money to rent/buy the Know-How, can do anything.

I have neither money nor Know-How, hence I cannot do that.

If I were, today, to start learning all the necessary information.

It is safe to assume, it would be a kin to trying to compete with Facebook or Google, yourself starting from scratch.

Kind of pointless technological masturbation.


Yes, anyone can create their own crypto, but there is some requirements :

- Knowledges (even it's open source, you have to know everything about the C-O-D-E).

- Whitepaper.

- Full Node (nah, it will be super expensive)


Anybody can't just create a decentralized cryptocurrency. There are so many things involved in creating a cryptocurrency. You first have to find a problem you want to solve and develop your solution on that problem. This solution is what is known as a project. A cryptocurrency project has diverse parts that need to be programmed to work in symphony. The programming aspect is also there.

Creating a cryptocurrency is not a child's play. You need to do lots of planning to create a workable project, before thinking of the programming aspect of such project. This can't just be done by anyone but by creative and innovative minds