What are theThree Major Determinants of the Reputation Rating of an Account In Steemit ?

If by "reputation" you mean the number beside your username on Steem. Then there are only 3 factors that may change it:

  • Upvote or Downvote? - Well this one is pretty straight-forward, everytimr you receive an upvote your Reputation increases and if you receive a downvote your reputation decreased
  • Upvote weight - A full 100% upvote weight given is 10times more stronger than a 10% upvote weight give, both in terms of upvote worth and increase/decrease in reputation
  • Reputation of the votee - Some people don't know this but reputation are exponential. Meaning, the higher your rep is the harder and longer it will took for one to increase it. If one takes a full month increasing his Rep from 60 to 61, then 61 to 62 will most likely take him 2 months. This means that getting an upvote from an account way higher than yours significantly increases your Reputation (assuming a decent amount of upvote weight was given). A full upvote of a Rep 75 user can make a rep 25 account jump to rep 35 (or somewhere around that level). Also in terms of downvotes, Reputation only decreases if the downvotee has a higher reputation than the one being downvoted on.

There are a number of factors that determine your reputation on Steemit. Some you can control and some you can't.

Holding SP

The amount of SP you are holding that is yours. If you have been delegated some that doesn't get included. The more you have the better it is for your reputation score.


The amount of live followers you have. You may have 1000 followers but after checking you may only have 50 users who are active. The others haven't been here for months and have left. Some could have been bots and they don't count. The idea is to have 1000 live followers and not a percentage of it. Nothing you can do about this but grow it.

The accounts you follow

Make sure the accounts you follow are active and are actually interacting with you. The more accurate your readings are the better the reputation score.

Your actions

Engagement on the platform. The busier you are with comments and replies the better.The more bid bots you use the worse it is as it takes theses actions into account.

All of the above factors are key to building your reputation.