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What are the three key motivating factors why you still desire to live?

Life in itself is a motivation on its own. Depending on how you see it. The desire to live daily can be borne out of anything.

These 3 things keeps me on my feet daily as I live.

Purpose: The reality that I was created for a purpose keeps me going. I was designed for a purpose, and the reality of that makes me want to live each new day. I keep living because I have a duty on here.

Family: Family is everything to me. The reality that I have a family who in a way looks up to me makes me want to continue living. I know I have people who will always be by my side come what may, who will always love me no matter my shortcomings. This motivates me to live on.

People: A lot of people have been placed in my life for nourishment. I know that. God has placed me in some people's life to be an instrument of peace, change in their lives. The reality of this keeps me going also.


Motivation is the thing which helps us run in our life positively and energetically. With out it life could feels like hell. 

If we made our mind positive then we could able to find so many motivation around us that it would change our life. But unfortunately that doesn't always happens.

In my case, my biggest motivation is - my child, my one and only kid, my baby boy. After his birth I found the true meaning of love and the reason of my living. He fulfilled my existence. Without him, I don't know how would I go in my life journey.

Another thing is- my family bounding. I may not very attached to all of them or not very social that way. But I always feels the love and attachment. It's my partner also whose love and advise is my path way in my journey. Our positive relationship always gives me the feelings of joy and happiness. I want to live for them.

Other most important thing is- my religious beliefs. In my religion I'm not the owner of my life, rather it's the almighty who is running us. we have no right to take our life. If we fall down there are certain guideline in our religion that helps me to keep going. Praying to God is so much peaceful for me. It's like meditation. It's automatically revives my mind, gives me positive energy and solution of critical life choices. 

I think everyone should have some motivation in their lives to keep going. Whether it's from outside or from thyself. We must approve we may take motivation from life but it is we who could make it work. 

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There 3 key that motivates me to survive and desire to live

First is my religion

I have been taught in my religion that life in this world is only temporary. There is eternal life after I die. So I had to prepare enough preparation so that I survived in the next life such as helping parents, helping others, doing good deeds, etc.

Second is my parent.

Parents are everything to me. They have raised and educated me so that I can now work. I don't want the rest of their lives, they will suffer both economically and socially. I will protect them as much as possible.

Third is my students

I am a teacher in vocational school. I have a responsibility to get them to master my lessons. I want them to have skills that can make them find money or get a job after they finish school.


Oh what a great time to be alive, and being able to see another day is something i am very grateful for, why do i still desire to live? These are the reasons why, but not limited too.

1)I desire to live to experience the full meaning of life in all ramifications. The love of a spouse, the love of family, raising my own kids and havibg thw fukl experience of it, achieve my goals, success and chaklenges, attain wealth, travel the world and have different amazing experiences each place i'll visit will have to offer, grown old, enjoy being a grandparent and all the great things this one life has in store for me for i believe that the future is promising and beautiful in as much as it is a mystery, and that's what is exciting

2) Being the first born and first grand child , i believe i have many responsibilities that i have to fulfill for my self as to set an example for my younger ones, to be there for them also as their second mom. For my parents also, to be able to give back to them and take care of them as they age.

3)i have many dreams and goals ,visions that i need to work on for a great future for not only my self ,but to help my Family as well. All i have managed so far is achieve academically, there's still a long list of obligations i have to fulfill.

This also includes my involvement with society, changing lives and policies, making a much better future for my people in as far as my carrer is concerned.

Talking about changing lives, i want to also impact as many people as possible through thw great things the universe, God has in store for me. Business wise, career wise, and in every other aspect the Universe wants to use me for the good of others.


Wow! an amazing question. 

I am motivated to live by the following factors.

1 . God - God is the essence of all things, He created all things and all things were made to serve His purpose and glorify Him. God is the first motivation for my living and He is involves in every step of the way.

2. People - I am motivated to live because I know there are destinies that are tied to mine. I must fulfill my dreams to help them fulfil theirs this is because God made the world a collaborating universe. We need each other to survive.

3. Leaving legacies - I am motivated to live despite all odds because I so desire to leave indelible legacies in the sands of time. I wish when the generation that never saw my face comes up, they;ll hear my name and will be glad I existed.

Thank you for this question.


I will say the three motivating factors is

GOD: When I read the word of God. I come across so many reasons why I should not give up in life. The greatest motivational book ever will always remain the 'BIBLE'. God's word really motivates me and having realized that praying to God opens ways for me, I no longer hesitate or relent in taking my problems to him knowing he can handle it all. I also know he has a plan for us all that's why he created us in the first place.

FAMILY AND FRIENDS: Family and friends are a great motivation to me as their advises, criticism, love, care, encouragement and support keeps me going. They too need all these things from me too to keep them going.

HOPE: Every living human on earth must have to deal with hope. Without hope you can get depressed. We work hard (hustle) to make ends meet hoping that our hustle will pay and also hope for a brighter future.

These factors are the motivational factors that make me desire to live.


1. Curiosity

I know where I am in my life right now but I don't know where I'll be the next day. I have thought I figured out my life plan years ago and I'm no where near my goals. Not that I had total control over the situation, I'm just saying that uncertainty and perspective changes frequently. I want to see where I;m going. 

2. Discovery

I don't know what I'm capable when I find myself reaching tomorrow but I know for a fact that I have learned a lot daily. This makes me more capable than the me of yesterday. There is more to learn and more to apply from what I have learned from yesterday and today. 

3. Change

No matter how good or bad the situation is right now, I know nothing is permanent. I'm not in a good place at the moment but I've been at worse times. I've experienced better life events. Nothing is permanent but I end up living through those highs and lows without quitting. Problems are transient and so do blessings but my attitude made me resilient enough. 


Motivation is a brief word which gave us a spirit and courage to do great task "if you want to desire something you should persuie it" these are some motivating lines which motivates me in many situations in my life

The fact which should be discussed in this answer is the motivating factor which cause desire to live so i want to say that life is an illusion which is so beautiful but in other aspect it is not a bed of roses it causes many difficulties in life like financialy ,socially,mentally,physically

Men tired of all the burdens of life wants to be dead to relief his calm some people cant bear the strictness in life and choose death i also have sane situation like all others

Me also cant bear the strictness of life but some  factors are present which are motivating for me to desire to live which are given below

My parents

Chance to spend life in good deeds

Chance to worship fir the final day

My parents,my family is tge main part which makes me to desire to live their lovely faxes and a smile which i want to see  every time the lap of my mother the warmth tap of my father the mischief of my brothers makes me to live more for them live to make them more happy live to enjoy with them 

I have spend my life in mostly evil deeds i want to have more life to make these mistakes right by doing good deeds so might i will when i dead i can be in peace

The last but not the least factor is to worship i want to live a long life so might i spend large time in worship which is the main aim of life


Many factors are present in life by which one can want dead but if he looks little but beautiful factors to live long one might should see these factors.

Image Source : https://pixabay.com


Assuming that what is valid for me does not necessarily apply to others:

My goal / dream: Once I've read or heard (I do not really know, maybe a book but maybe a cartoon), your dream should be as inaccessible as possible. As strange as it sounds, it works for me.

Help: It's a simple gesture that many people should learn to do. It's a rewarding thing that does not make you feel useless when you think about it.

New experiences: want to try new things out of the ordinary as soon as you have the time. Whether to eat in a particular place, whether paragliding or what inspires you the most.


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