What Are Your Key Plans For The Year 2019: Does It Include Buying More Steem And Other Cryptos?

We all know that the prices of all coins are currently running very low in the Cryptocurrency Market. The main reason for this, the decrease in the value of Bitcoin. We have seen that when the price of Bitcoin increases, all good coins are raised. Again, when the price of Bitcoin decreases, the price of all good coins decreases. Now the price of all coins is reduced due to decreasing the cost of bitcoins. The steem price too has decreased too much. But I would say that there is nothing to fear here. I know that the price will increase very soon. And the price will be so high that you can not imagine today. I want to buy some more steem. Then I understand the opportunity to buy it. If the price drops further, then I'll invest more heavily here. I do not want to invest any other coins. However, I can also invest a little amount of money in another coin . I wish I invest my all money in steem . There are some reasons to invest in these coins.

The reasons for these coins are going to increase. I am discussing below

The SMT is going to launch

It has its own platform

Many people are using this coin now. And we all know that the value of the coins that everyone uses the most.


Great question, as of the moment, yes, that's what I'm thinking to do even though 2019 hasn't arrived yet. 

If I wasn't paying for my car loan,  I would have invested in Steem every month but my car needs to come first because we need it. 

But hopefully in 2019 when I get some bonus or extra cash, I would invest in Steem. So far, the other cryptos I've invested in is golos and weku, both for 200 steem each and hopefully my investment would worth it. 


To be honest at this particular point and judging by the price chart and some Technical analysis it is really a hard time to decide whether to get in now or wait for some more dip that might happen in the next few days. 

As a matter of fact if I had fiat I would have gotten in with Steem and would have stored them as it is kind of in a sale right now. While as the projects of Steem Blockchain are really great which will be coming out in 2019 and for those I personally am sticking to Steem and currently gathering as much Steem as possible. 

As for other cryptos I do have some small shares but most of my portfolio's percentage Steem is at the top. 



My key plans for the next year is to buy and move to my own house .I want to have my own space and be independent on my own. I know it will be not easy to do that but I am working double time for that recently . For the cryptocurrency, I am not sure but I am powering up for my Steemit account because I am hoping that the value will increase in the near future . I hope to achieve all my plans for the next year.