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Can A Nigerian Girl/ Woman Love A Man Without Monetary Consideration: Any Reference?

Of course. The fact that most of them are like that doesn't mean they aren't those who love from their hearts.

More and more ladies are coming to the realization that it's not about the money alone. It's being taught and they are beginning to gain wisdom.

While I was in youth camp, I asked a lady what her requirements were for a husband material and among the things she mentioned, none of them was money. She mentioned prospect and vision. I think those are some of the most important considerations.

Marriage is not something that should be done like an auction where the highest bidder takes the lady home. It's not like that.

I have a friend getting married very soon, next month actually. He's not that wealthy as most ladies would want but the lady still agreed to marry him. I think what she considered was compatibility and that's what should matter.

So, my dear, there are lots of ladies in Nigeria who still think straight and not pursue money. Finding one may be difficult but they surely do exist.


Smiles....This has shown that this question was asked by a Nigerian and this is what is really happening in Nigeria. Some ladies over there don't really believe in the concept of true love  because they are very attached to materialistic items and this is really causing more harm than good in most relationships in Nigeria.

I have heard and seen different cases whereby wives or ladies who claim to love their husband later leave or abandon their partner for rich men or guys due to their lack of contentment. This  habit has led to increase in the rate of divorce and broken homes in the country. We are now in the generation whereby young ladies don't really know what true love is all about because they are very attached to wealth possessed by guys. These ladies don't even care where you make money from,all they want is a wealthy guy.

In a nutshell, there are still ladies who aren't attached to wealth but they are really attracted by your caring attitude towards them and your level of commitment. The problem is that they are just very few of them. They aren't that much compared to the other ladies who are very attracted to wealth. I will advice you to hold on to such lady "who loves you for who you are and not what you have"    because they will always be with you in times of difficulty when you have nothing.

In conclusion, there are still ladies in Nigeria who don't aren't attached to money but they are just scarce or few in number and remember to hold on to someone who will always stay with you when you have it all and when you don't sometimes have it.

Thanks for reading and i hope this helps.


Generally we all cattigorize girls in Nigeria as money mongers, but it is not so. There are different types of girls in Nigeria and even the world in general but let talk about the once in Nigeria since the question is based on the Nigerian girls.

1. In this cattigory, they are always interested in the money they don’t care wether you are ugly or handsome as long as you have the money they are ready to die for the love of your money not your person. But they give you anything you demand from them most especially sex without hesitation,

2. There are those girls who don’t care wether you have or not they give you attention cook , wash , can even give you from the little they have because their time is almost due for marriage they don’t have any choice as it’s stand they accept anything that come from the guy. They love the guy with all their life.

3. Then the once that only food solve their problems on earth with food they are ready to go down with you at anytime.

4. I am not forgetting the Christian girls (born again) this kind of girls don’t visit not even to of sex they love their guy in Godly way making sure no sex no visiting till marriage.

5. And there are those that used church cover their runs they go about distributing. To me is not all that go for the money just personal opinion because i don’t have money if you see my babe she so classic that if we step out together people think i spend so much on her to keep her not knowing she takes care of her self whatsoever i give her appreciate it.


Of course despite the strong and ingrained nature in women in Nigeria and around the world to be more attracted to guys with money, there still remain those that differs due to there own upbringing, experiences and values. Generally money is like a lubricant that makes life move smoothly and so the absence of it always make life harder and so many persons both and female bears in their consciousness money as a core considerations and necessity to make life decisions.

Despite despite my above argument which favours the idea of money almost being being indispensable in women decision, there are still those who seem to rise or life without much of that influence. For Example, there are religiously fanatics whose beliefs drives them to different passion when it comes to them making Love decision. Another could be social or traditional values influence on an individual that tends to shield them from even a glaring facts of life. Sometimes social pressure on ladies getting married or having babies to Avoid societal stigmas have impacted their decision to hurriedly marry despite the financial status or situation of the guy. Whether these persons seem sane or insane to the general public, it still remains that they are driven by deeper or different value that shields or suppress the influence of money on their love decisions.

In our society, there have been situations where girls a driven passionately with love after some poor guy and despite the wise counsels from other to still go ahead to their detriment.