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Why Is Marketing Considered Heart and Head of Every Business Organization?

Imagine if there was no marketing. Would you know if what kind of products is available in the market?  Marketing is a critical factor for organizations to consider if they want to stay in their Business and sell products. We see advertisement all over and this is one form of advertising to lure users to buy their products.  Can you imagine or do you know any famous product which came into existence with a marketing campaign? No right!

Marketing is a critical factor that every organization needs to consider before launching their product in the market. There are companies I know which keep their market budget aside for product campaigns and even incur hefty amounts to famous stars and personalities as their brand ambassador so that they could promote their products.

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Now if I were, to sum up why marketing is considered the Heart and Head of Every Business Organization than my picks would be as follows:-

1.    Creating the brand or the product awareness

2.    Getting new customers to try out their products or services

3.    Getting your customers to spend more so that it increases the product production overall

4.    Driving profitability & growth

5.    Understanding the market trends – what works and what does not

6.    Challenge the competitors

7.    Feedback loops to improvise the products

8.    Research new products 

9.    Better view of actionable data

10. Improve customer retention capabilities

Hence, by looking at the above-listed reasons I can clearly say that Marketing is and should be definitely considered as the Heart and Head of Every Business Organization.



Marketing is key to any business. 

A business needs to achieve sustainable growth to succeed. Without this a company stagnates and loses ground to it's competitors.

Through marketing the consumers aware of their products generating sales. Different campaigns happen over the course of a year like brand launches with new products and the aim is t get it into the hands of their target market.

What is interesting is that a new campaign could cost millions along with the development of that product and normally takes between 3 and 5 years to recoup the spend.

There are some benefits as tax can be used to write off the marketing budgets as it goes towards the cost of the item. marketing is big business and done well can take a good company to a big profitable company in a very short space of time.

Marketing along with a good sales force to back it up is key and is the heart of any business.


Marketing is considered as the heart and head of every business organisation because if a business organisation market their products, then only they get profit. As a business man everyone will be aiming at maximizing profit through Lots of techniques. The ultimate aim of a business man is to maximize his profit.

Nowadays, there are many methods of marketing their products. Some of them use social media for marketing, some of them use mass media and other marketing techniques.

Marketing helps the company to reach their product to rest of the world. Advertisement plays a crucial role in marketing. Marketing of a businesess firm depending upon products and services that they sell.


Marketing is just as important as any other department within your company. Every business needs a good marketing plan. Look at Steemit. They have zero exposure outside the crypto world. This is due to a lacking marketing strategy. Fortunately the users acknowledge this. Right now, Steemit-users are the marketeers of Steem. 

If you ask people what to think of marketing, most would probably answer: Ads. Of course advertisement is a big deal for a lot of companies but this is just a small part of marketing.  What is marketing?

-They way your product looks,feels and smells like

-How, where and when are you going to promote your company?

-Customer service

-Determine your USP or unique selling point. What makes your different?

-Customer satisfaction

-Who is the customer? What does he do? What does he like? Marketeers need to get to know their customer in order to provide the best possible product.

-And so much more...

A good business does not have a strict isolated marketing department. Marketing usually goes beyond borders.  They need to work together with the financial, production and management departments. Maybe even more. It's very interesting to work with people with different backgrounds. Showing different angels on how to do make the business work. 

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It is surely heart and head. I Am a. Small business owner my self, and before i made the decision to go hard on marketing on social medias, u was struggling to get clients on a daily. Reason was mostly because inwas doubtful of what i was doing and of it will be accepted in the country i am in as its generally a foreign culture here. (i own a hair braiding salon in Philippines),.

The moment i made the decision to use social media tools and go hard On marketing, regardless, the business kind of bloomed, i got more customers, and we became way popular and even got discovered and featured in a fashion magazine.

The last 2 years have been good with business but i told my self just few days ago that i am done doing okay in this business, i need to go hard. I dont want to be okay as okay brings okay results.

I survived on this business as a student and so are my collegues, and if we go mediocre on our marketing, we will get mediocre results, therefore we need to go hardest as the past couple years have proven that doing proper marketing yields results.

I have just paid for my Facebook and. instagram adverts to run for The whole month, i will continue with the manual work Of internet marketing. Its Expensive and cumbersome, but the results will bw great.

I am Positive and looking forward to getting even bigger this year.


Globalisation, consumerism. Too many services and goods available out there. Each producent want to sell... but the economy is saturated. Therefore entrepreneurs have to lure the customer in order to make a profit. TV commercials, ads, paid reviews and other stuff - it is a marketing team job.