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Does Being Religeous Makes A Person Financially Poor: How?

That isn't true.... While the facts demonstrate that poorer individuals will in general be more religious measurably than wealthier individuals, that does not imply that it is the religion making individuals poor. It is very improbable that religions are making anybody poor.

The exceptionally well off are additionally factually more averse to be religious, yet here as well, it is the wrong end to guarantee that their absence of religion made them rich, or that religious individuals are made poor by their religion.

Poorer countries will in general be increasingly religious, yet there is no proof that the religion is the reason for neediness. It is progressively regular that, as a people acquire assets, they desert their religion, among numerous different customs. Those non-religious customs are no more to fault for the past destitution than is their religion.


I have seen extremely religious people extremely rich and I have also seen extremely religious people extremely poor. I believe being poor or rich has more to do with a person's mentality than with his/her religious status.

The thing about being extremely religious is that most of them feel being wealthy is earthly and as such, not religious. They'd rather be poor for their religion than be rich. Some feel the wealth was ill gotten and that is why they'd refuse to acquaint themselves with wealth or the wealthy. 


There's one thing about religious people, they believe everything in the world including money, dressing good even the way some people walk is unholy. They try to assume the position of a perfectionist and are strictly heavenly conscious and earthly unconscious. They hold on to doctrines of sanity and forget the fact that one needs a balance. This is why religious people are always poor.

They preach the saying that "rich men may be distracted by their wealth and not make heaven and only as a poor will one see heaven, making the verse ."blessed are the poor for they shall see God" their favourite passage.

Their mindset is what Rob them of being rich and not really the religious practice. What they have come to believe becomes a hindrance for them to explore finance , work toward it or desire to have it. So the fact is, religious people are poor and not because they are only religious but because their mindset incure Being poor is what God really want for a believer and so they live as such.