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How Much Do You Value Money: Would You Disengage From Your Current Job/ Business If Monetary Rewards Are Removed?

In a heartbeat!

Reliance on Human labor for distribution of resource and productivity is the only reason most People do what they do.

Even the fairly successful ones.

We are taught that dreams don't put bread on your plate.

Which, to an extend is true.

People work hard for whatever success they aquire.

They will pursue engineering, medicine, law, accounting, aarchitecture, and so many other high earning occupations.

You would think, one need talent and passion to do most of those.

And, it is also true.

Thsoe are very talented individuals.

But they lack passion.

Without passion, no matter the degree of success, People will not be happy with what they do.

You can have a very happy garbage collector and a miserable heart surgeon.

Of course, most People, would be the miserable garbage collector.

Myself included at this moment.

But the number of digits on the paycheck have very little relevance.

Not to say that it don't matter.

It surely motivates to stay in whatever boring job we don't care for at any given moment.

And that's something we need to live with.


From my point of view both questions are not relevant to each other, both are two independent question. 

We may Value for money in our personal life in a much lower extents but that doesn't mean that we will continue our work with out it.

I gave less value to money in my personal life compared to others. I don't have a updated model mobile phone or duplex house to live, though they are in my capabilities. But I don't feel ashamed for that also. That is how I set priorities in my life.

But what extent of engagement I have with my work place is different issue. Some people hate their job and some are dmotivated to do what they do.

Money is one of the motivator and influencing actor to let us do what we do. I don't feel any necessity to go to my 9-5 job if I don't get a penny from it. Rather I would spend my life with my family.

So the value for mony does not really depends on how much engagement we feel with our work. 

Our work/business does not only give us financial  security but also keep us busy and energetic. 

Also giving much value to money is not a bad thing from my opinion. Its every ones personal choice to live there life.



I'm not sure if I'm able to fully answer this, but the second part of your question is intriguing. It's something I pondered after leaving a decent career job as a corporate instructional designer. I just was really bothered that if I took away the money incentive I couldn't find any value to my work. I couldn't justify spending 40+ hours a week going to an office and sitting in front of a computer. I felt I wasn't adding anything of value to the world despite being paid kind of well for what little I did.

Now I work in a more physically demanding job. While I would certainly not keep going into work if I wasn't being paid, there is some satisfaction in feeling that I am doing something of value and being fairly compensated for it, even if it is less money than my previous job.


If you are not going to be rewarded for the job or work you do then what is the point. We all have to live and put food on the table and pay the bills.

There is no such thing as doing something for free as there has to be benefits from doing hard work. We all strive to do our best and support our families from whatever we do. This is the reward for sacrificing our time and stresses we endure.


I am currently living a life, where I am able to obtain what I need, from doing the things I derive enjoyment from. 

To me, this is the ultimate freedom, so I would continue to engage in my current life activities, because I receive a sense of purpose and enjoyment from them. 

I see money as a tool for survival, and nothing more. I don't place such a high level of value over money. I just know how life can be without money. That doesn't mean I should do whatever I can to obtain it. I have skills that could surely bring me more money than I currently receive, but then I would suffer spiritually as a result. There should be a balance in what you do to earn money, vs what you value in life. Living a life where you work for money, and money alone, makes you a slave to money, IMO.

I hope this answer helps. 


@Alaisguineasis, In my opinion there is no Human Being who will work for free excepting very few and very rarely. And this is the case because, unfortunately we are totally depended upon the system and if we want to do our own farm work then those facilities are also lacking so, we are stuck in matrix in my opinion.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


I only do things that bring me value, in any way possible, and I learned that the hard way. So yes, I would drop my job if it didn't gave me any value. If it is money value removed but I still get experience and other value from my job, off course I will stay.

It seems very cruel that I don't do things without any reward, but the whole word works on rewards, every living organism works on rewards for their actions.