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Why are some folks intentionally dishonest, even if it will not be beneficial to them?

Sometimes dishonesty doesn't come on its own accord, sometimes it is a feature and the characteristic of things like negative value, narcissism, corruption and so many other things my point is that dishonesty is being sparked by something sometimes it doesn't have to be beneficial before people are dishonest. For example sometimes people choose to be dishonest because they do not have a choice in cases like negative values people are already conformed to be dishonest because it comes like a habit and attitude to them just like smoking and drinking isn't really beneficial but of course people still indulge in them even when it isn't good at all. So people can be dishonest because is a negative value which they have been conformed to. When people have negative values it isn't beneficial to them but the fact that they have this negative value can make them developed characteristics such as dishonesty.

Another reason can be because of narcissism I mean negative values and narcissism are something or a partial human disorder which isn't actually considered this disorder but the reason why I consider it a disorder is because it is morally and psychologically wrong. People who are narcissist sometimes develops dishonesty amongst other anti-socitetal tendencies as well, it is not as if they really choose to good enjoy doing it however enjoying it doesn't mean it is really beneficial to them so I believe some people are naturally confirmed to being dishonest, it is definitely not ordinary it's something believe that before someone can choose to be dishonest it must have been because it is going to be beneficial else they wouldn't take the risk. But in cases where people that do not have to take advantages in dishonesty then one of the cases or causes can be narcissism.

In other words I think these are the two things I can think about it is not natural for someone to not be honest if it isn't beneficial to them although there may be peculiar cases where people just choose not to be honest but like I explained earlier it could come as a hobby or an attitude which people cannot do without


Interesting question, friend. Actually there are many reasons why people lie. Whether it's a lie to cover up the truth, lie to protect yourself, or lie to protect others. This bad habit becomes a 'natural' habit that is usually done by almost everyone.

For those who often lie, the number one reason why they lie is because they think lying is not a problem and is very important. So as long as no one complains about the conversation, they will still consider their lies important. What do you do if you meet someone like this.

Sometimes people lie because they expect something. Or also usually they do that to get the reaction they want. For example, suddenly our friend told us the news that was truly false, because I wanted to see the reaction he wanted from us, he finally chose to overstate the news.

Maybe we don't feel that what they say disappoints us, but people who choose to lie are usually afraid and worried to disappoint those around them. Besides being afraid and worried, they also tried to respect us. For example if our girlfriend cooks, when we try it turns out the plate doesn't taste, because we don't want to make our girlfriend disappointed, we finally have to lie and say if the food is really good.

Sometimes things like that happen to us. Weaknesses and shortcomings are forced to cover up with the way we lie. In fact, those who are like that if they are damaged can really make us look worse. Instead of lying, it's better to admit it and try to fix it.

Because lying so often, it finally makes a habit, whether it's because you see the atmosphere around or it's been arranged on our screen because it's too often a lie. Now, how do you stop it? Try to imagine what would happen if we were in the position of someone we often lied to? That must be sad. So before it's too late, it's better to stop and start always being honest so there aren't many people around us that we accidentally hurt.

There are simple things that ultimately make people lie, which is seeking attention. Whether it's the attention or attention of friends of people we like. For our own pleasure and happiness, we finally want to lie.

Maybe this is one of the reasons we use most, when we lie. Yes, the reason is fear. Fear is high enough to make us have to do lies to cover up his fear. For example, when we make mistakes at school, at home or in the office we are forced to lie because we do not want to be punished.

Well guys, than we are more fun lying with the reasons above we are better honest. Because lies are things that are not commendable to do.